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Health Insurance Improves Security Posture


Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Management

Health Insurance Improves Security Posture

The largest insurance provider in Ireland uses Edgescan to fulfill their security needs

The largest insurance provider in Ireland spoke about the security challenges of protecting their systems across four office branches and several sites. With roughly 2,500 employees, this insurance provider was faced with the necessity to streamline their penetration testing practices to minimise delays and increase visibility.

The procurement process and the onboarding of penetration testing providers was creating delays, taking up the security team’s time and leaving visibility gaps. Each quarterly test required security analysts to manually collate the results and log the findings onto a management platform to remediate them. Reports from different providers were received in PDF format, which made it harder for the insurance provider to compare metrics and to build an efficient remediation pipeline.


Enter Edgescan: penetration testing on demand and continuous vulnerability scanning

Edgescan, fullstack vulnerability management provider, was brought on board by this insurance provider to optimise the penetration testing practices and to increase their visibility over the entire IT infrastructure.

The Edgescan vulnerability management platform scans the insurance provider’s systems on a continuous basis, flagging vulnerabilities in real-time and providing advice on how to remediate. Integrated with Jira, the Edgescan portal is intuitive and allows for penetration testing to be run on-demand to check that, when a patch is made, the security issue has been fixed. This decreased the time taken to remediate security incidents and improved workflow and visibility processes.


Why choose Edgescan?

The reputation of Edgescan preceded the company: its leadership team is made up of reputable penetration testers who gave this insurance provider the peace of mind of knowing they were in good hands.

The cost of the solution, in line with other vendors, is competitive, and the customer service impeccable. The ease of doing business with Edgescan, paired with their intuitive and comprehensive dash-board, were decisive in this insurance provider’s choice to adopt the Dublin-based vulnerability management and penetration testing solution.


Onboarding and key benefits

The insurance provider provided Edgescan with details and account credentials. They were then able to set back and watch how Edgescan seamlessly and swiftly integrated onto their systems.

Now, the insurance provider has the comfort of knowing that Edgescan will pick up any change in their environment and will assess it and flag it in real time. By scanning the entire network, Edgescan can also see any unapproved change to their systems and alert the security team of a potential security issue.


The future with Edgescan

This insurance provider renews its tenures every three years. So far, Edgescan’s vulnerability management and pen testing solutions were renewed for a second term, and they expect it will be again in the future.


Return on investment

Achieved security and compliance requirements and their commitment to protect its customers’ sensitive data.
Improved efficiency by reducing remediation times.
Reduced risk exposure more quickly due to improved visibility over their attack surface and better processes.


Some final thoughts

Edgescan has an incredible focus on its customers. The can-do attitude means that this insurance provider feels like any feedback given will be taken on board and actioned swiftly.

There is rarely a need to get in touch with Edgescan as everything tends to run smoothly, but it is surely good to know that they could get hold of anyone, anytime.