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External Attack Surface Management

Complete visibility.
Continuous monitoring.

Lack of Visibility Increases the Probability of a Breach

In today’s multi-cloud world, enterprises require an external attack surface management solution that effectively inventories, monitors and manages their corporate assets and digital footprint – an ad hoc approach simply no longer works. Manual processes and legacy tools make managing your attack surface complex, expensive, and results are flooded with false positives and human errors. As an organization grows, the larger the attack surface becomes, increasing your risk exposure.

Complete Visibility Across Your Entire IT Ecosystem

Edgescan’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is our most advanced solution yet, designed to detect attack surface threats across external services and bring unknowns into the platform for investigation by the security team. It solves the lack of visibility and remediation velocity that occurs with legacy tools and manual processes, making it the cornerstone of any modern-day cybersecurity program.


Edgescan was listed as one of the “notable vendors” for EASM in the Q1 2023 Forrester Landscape for External Attack Surface Management Landscape

Edgescan EASM provides automated risk-based vulnerability intelligence coupled with validation that leverages cyber analytics and human expertise.

Edgescan EASM uncovers attack vectors that can be used to breach your most critical assets, including data exposures and misconfigurations. The platform leverages both vulnerability data and business context to prioritize risk.

External Attack Surface Management - EASM - “investigates” your organizations presence on the Internet to help discover deployed systems, servers, websites, API’s and applications.

You can’t secure what you can’t see…

As the adage goes, you can’t secure what you can’t see (or measure). Edgescan EASM (external attack surface management) solves this problem by providing immediate asset discovery and visibility of an enterprise’s internet-facing estate and then continuously monitors the attack surface as it evolves and changes.


Identify & map attacker-exposed assets.

Key Benefits of External Attack Surface Management

Complete visibility across your digital footprint

The platform Intelligently probes and identifies all networking devices, internet-facing devices, platforms, operating systems, databases, and web applications. It finds unknown assets systems across the entire internet, identifies security blind spots from discovered assets, discovers APIs, enumerates shadow IT and automates the analysis of changes across the entire IT ecosystem.

Map & inventory DNS/internet records

Discover existing records related to your deployed systems, servers, websites, API’s and applications.

Find and inventory subdomains related or obfuscated records that may direct an attacker to your internet footprint. 

Unlimited and on demand investigations

Run proactive and continuous investigation at the pace your organization requires.

The platform also provides complete visibility and the flexibility for organizations to modify their change and deployment models whenever needed.

Get alerts for discoveries & exposures

Set up custom alerts and get notified for discoveries then track and inventory exposures. Receive notifications as events happen, when new systems are deployed, decommissioned or a system changes, such as:

– Exposed services
– Outdated software
– Rogue deployments
– Unknown APIs 
– IoT detection
– Applications / DNS

The Edgescan External Attack Surface Management’s core purpose is to identify unknown domains, subdomains, related domains, API’s security weaknesses such as misconfigurations, software vulnerabilities, exposed credentials & shadow IT that can be exploited by threat actors.

External Attack Surface Management FAQs

External attack surface management refers to the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating vulnerabilities and risks posed by an organization’s external digital footprint. It involves monitoring and securing all accessible entry points, such as web applications, network infrastructure, and cloud services. By proactively managing the attack surface, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity posture and minimize the potential for external threats to exploit vulnerabilities.

External attack surface mapping is the process of identifying and mapping an estate’s Internet-exposed assets and is a key part of an external attack surface management solution.

Our platform with its ability to leverage five unique solutions is the key to our advantage in the security threat mitigation industry and improving our client’s security posture. By integrating our strong PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service), with our RBVM and EASM solutions, and utilizing a common, extensive data lake, Edgescan keeps you readily informed of your enterprise-wide security posture as it changes. No other vendor, or stand alone security solution or service, can compare to the breadth and depth of Edgescan’s integrated vulnerability prioritization and risk management solutions to help improve your security posture.

Edgescan’s External Attack Surface Management solution integrates with the platform’s Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) capabilities, to provide complete visibility and assessment across multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructures allowing organizations to see and effectively secure their critical assets and applications. No other solution on the market has this unique capability. Our hybrid approach provides organizations with an optimal view of risks and exposures, understanding exactly what assets exist and what level of security coverage is being applied. The outcome is detailed, actionable and validated vulnerability intelligence that provides risk prioritization for faster remediation and coverage assurance.

By combining EASM with PTaaS and RBVM, the Edgescan platform can inform you in a single, unified view, of what systems are under cyber management, what level of rigor (depth) is being applied, and more importantly, which of the discovered systems are not undergoing an assessment.

The Edgescan external attack surface management solution removes the complexity of tool management and manual processes and it is easy and simple to use. Just input a domain name and the platform immediately starts to inventory your digital assets and mapping your entire global IT ecosystem. You can repeat this process often as you need as the platform provides unlimited scans and retests with no additional fees.  

Because Edgescan EASM is part of an integrated platform all solution are utilized when performing an investigation. The outcome of combining EASM with the hybrid approach of PTaaS and RBVM results in detailed, actionable and validated vulnerability intelligence that provides risk prioritization for faster remediation and coverage assurance. Additional benefits include: DNS, subdomain and shadow IT enumeration and internet records discovery, Web and API navigation of discovered exposures, customized service discovery and exposure alerts.

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