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Edgescan War Room

Conversation. Vision.
Strategy. Tactics.

Edgescan War Room is a series of informal conversations between Eoin Keary, CEO and Founder of Edgescan and Jim Manico, Edgescan Strategic Technical Advisor and Founder of Manicode.

Welcome to the Edgescan War Room. Here, is a collection of videos bring together innovative approaches and best practices to secure your internet-facing assets, covering DevSecOps, DevOps, Security Operations, Secure Development, and more. Our goal is to provide expert advice on managing robust security programs, incorporating services like penetration testing, external attacks surface management, and risk-based vulnerability managementWatch a video and see how we address the challenges of building and maintain a robust security program in a fun and light-hearted manner. Join us on this proactive journey to safeguard your online presence and stay ahead of evolving security risks.

Edgescan War Room: Episode 3
Cyber Acronyms 101
Edgescan War Room: Episode 4
Scaling with PTaaS, ASM and risk-based VM solutions and thoughts on what happens WHEN you get breached
Edgescan War Room: Episode 2
Pragmatic Observations on EASM, Data Quality, and the Future AI
Edgescan War Room: Episode 1
Can ChatGPT, AI and Machine Learning Improve Cybersecurity Performance?