Every web application assessed gets the “full stack” treatment, meaning the application undergoes penetration testing and/or vulnerability assessment using our unique technology but in addition Edgescan shall assess the hosting infrastructure (cloud etc) for exposures (full stack).

Every vulnerability is validated. Every exposure or weakness is validated to ensure its exploitable and a real risk. Simply put, our clients don't experience false positives or false alarms.

Every vulnerability is assessed for severity and if it is listed vulnerability currently being exploited on the public Internet. This makes prioritization much easier.

Every vulnerability can be automatically shared via our vast array of integration options and tracked from discovery to remediation.

Every vulnerability can be measured to see if its closed within your internal SLA. Helping you make sure you are cloning what matter on time.

Edgescan was invented by world renowned OWASP leader, Eoin Keary, author and lead of the the OWASP Testing and Code review guides.

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The industry has failed to
keep us (cyber)secure:

  1. Traditional tool based/consultant based approaches have failed to keep pace due to a lack in depth/coverage or frequency of change detection.
  2. Scanners alone suffer from coverage, accuracy issues and people suffering from alert fatigue in validation purgatory.
  3. False positives are the "white noise" of vulnerability management.
  4. Validation of severity and prioritization needs to be tasked somewhere in the management cycle. If not by the solution you are using, somewhere else.
  5. Risk based vulnerability Intel is key for prioritization. Focus on what is actively exploited in the wild not all the vulnerabilities. All vulnerabilities are not created equal.
  6. Keeping pace with cloud deployments, API deployments requires a combination of continuous ASM, Vulnerability detection and accuracy.

Main Challenges in the Application Security:

Protecting Data

Rising Number of Vulnerabilities

Threat and Breach Detection

Securing Cloud Applications

Respond to changes on a dime

No single testing tool can catch every vulnerability

The Benefits

of Application Security with Edgescan

Eliminate Security Blindspots

Our DAST engine scans Javascript frameworks, React, Angular, HTML5, ALAX and Single Page Applications.

Continuous and on-demand

application security vulnerability detection with full stack coverage.

Validated vulnerability reporting

(false positive free)
and risk prioritization.

Increased coverage

to an “industrial scale” whilst saving budget and improving resilience.

On-demand targeted Reporting

from executive metrics to detailed technical reports, integrations to development and GRC systems.

Rapid detection

and tool consolidation providing a complete picture of your security posture.

How we manage your
Application Security


Retesting on demand to verify mitigation at no extra cost or reliance on consultant availability.


On-demand reporting for any period of time per asset including assertation that the asset underwent a Penetration Test (PTaaS) by certified experts. API based reporting for GRC integration.


Low administrative overhead and documentation required to deliver the Penetration Test.


Custom reporting including E.G. closed vulnerabilities, vulnerability age, posture trending and other security metrics.


Continuous, validated assessment with on-demand deep expert-driven penetration testing.

Break down silos of data:

Integration of PTaaS output in the same repository as continuous vulnerability management output.


Fixed license-based cost.

Remediation tracking:

Internal Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking, designed to help ensure high-severity vulnerabilities are mitigated in a timely manner.

Integrations and constant:

Continuous monitoring, Attack Surface Management (ASM) and alert integration into a variety of alerting and ticketing systems.https://www.edgescan.com/technology-integrations/


CISA Exploit Catalogue mapping to help identify high-priority discovered vulnerabilities and aid prioritization.https://www.cisa.gov/known-exploited-vulnerabilities-catalog


The Penetration Testing as a Service Team are already familiar with the asset if it is being currently managed by Edgescan allowing for the human expertise to focus on complex and severe vulnerabilities whilst the technical vulnerabilities are discovered by Edgescan technology.

5 reasons why
choose Edgescan

Prioritizes Risks

Understand vulnerability criticality based on what's important to your business.

Our platform discovers, validates and prioritizes your organization's most critical risks, making it easy for your security and IT teams to know where to focus first.

Edgescan maps all validated vulnerabilities to the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV). As exposures are discovered you can prioritize based on if they are being used by cyber criminals in the wild.

Our unique validation and prioritization approach helps you focus on which vulnerabilities to focus on to make the most positive impacts to your business' security posture.

As vulnerabilities are discovered which are known to be exploited, automatically alert your teams to act quickly. Once the fix is applied retest on demand, no problem.

Platform's automatic risk prioritization is based on:

  • Attackers' priorities
  • Business context
  • Likelihood
  • Remediation complexity
  • Ease of exploitation

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