See a 10-minute overview of the platform.


Video Library

Platform Demo Overview Video

Spend 10 minutes in our platform and see the power of five integrated solutions that work together to provide verified vulnerabilities, automation at scale, and comprehensive human intelligence. 

45-Minute Recorded Webinar:
Panel Discussion with Forrester

Join us for a lively discussion that covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • proactive security strategies
  • risk-based vulnerability management
  • benefits of a platform solution vs standalone solutions
  • the possibility of fully automating VM
  • which one to choose if you had only one option – DAST or SAST
  • and more!
15-Minute Video: EASM + RBVM + PTaaS = Full Stack Protection

Experience Edgescan’s comprehensive three-step approach to securing your attack surface through a succinct 15-minute presentation spotlighting David Kennefick, Global Engineering Principal.


See how Edgescan’s fully integrated solutions work together to bring you verified vulnerabilities, scale of automation, and depth of human intelligence – all wrapped up into one unified platform.

Penetration Testing as a Service​

In this guided walkthrough, at every click, a new screen is presented showing what is occurring within the platform during the testing process. It ends by showing a report.

Risk-based Vulnerability Management

In this self-guided tour you’ll see what is occurring in the platform as you experience the remediation process.

External Attack Surface Management

Our discovery engine runs continuously, and in conjunction with our vulnerability scanning, to help organizations see their digital footprint and exposures.

On-demand Webinars

DBIR 2021 Fireside
Irish Times | Cyber Security Special