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Cloudhook Integrations

Illuminate and eliminate cloud risk


Full visibility across your public cloud

The Cloudhook integration automatically onboards locations present in various cloud environments into the Edgescan platform giving full visibility across your public cloud.
How it works:

Provided credentials for a cloud environment, the integration will retrieve all public facing IPs and hostnames on an hourly basis. If the locations are not currently present on the platform then they will be onboarded. A location is considered onboarded when it has been added to a licenced asset and is setup for scanning.

A location can be added to a dedicated asset, where there is only one location attached to the asset, or a grouped asset, where there are multiple locations present.

If a location was previously onboarded but is no longer present in the cloud environment then scanning will be stopped and the location will be removed from Edgescan.

Integration workflow

Cloudhook Workflow

What is required?

Some configuration settings need to be agreed upon, and credentials for the specified cloud environments are required. Credentials differ for each environment. Everything else is handled by the integration.
How often does it update?

Cloudhook runs hourly.

Supported cloud environments:

Onboarding cloud integrations


AWS Onboarding Integration
– STS Authentication

Google Cloud

Keeps your External IP addresses and hostnames from Cloud DNS updated as assets in edgescan.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure
Onboarding Integration