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The Edgescan Platform

Unparalleled visibility.
Unprecedented coverage.

Edgescan is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity platform that unifies all required security solutions into one single combative platform.

Edgescan’s integrated platform reduces the complexity and overhead associated with tool proliferation, speeds up remediation, cuts operational costs, while reducing risk associated with digital transformation and cloud deployments.

The platform provides five full-featured cybersecurity solutions that:

Cut Through the Noise and Pinpoint Critical Exposures

Risk Prioritization with Verified Intelligent Data

The Edgescan platform delivers validated vulnerability data that is rated for severity using the Edgescan Validated Security Score (EVSS). In addition, discovered vulnerabilities have the following risk-based data to help you prioritize risks: EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System), CISAKEV (CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability catalogue), CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System). Not all vulnerabilities are created equal.

One platform.
Complete visibility.
Fixed costs.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Edgescan’s Penetration Testing as a Service is a hybrid solution that combines the breadth of automation with the depth of human assessment (our experts are battle-hardened and CREST, OSCP and CEH certified) integrated with vulnerability analytics. The PTaaS solution not only leverages our security team’s deep technical expertise but also the entire portfolio of solutions within the Edgescan platform to provide vulnerability assessment, exposure validation, and risk rating.

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Vulnerability Management

Get unprecedented coverage that includes web application security testing and device/API security testing. Assessments are delivered continuously or on-demand, delivering prioritized and actionable vulnerability intelligence. The solution dynamically assesses JavaScript frameworks, Angular, AJAX, React, HTML5 and single page applications for vulnerabilities. No more time spent chasing false positives! With Edgescan focus on what’s important.

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Attack Surface Management

Our ASM solution identifies security blind spots and maps all assets discovered in your global IT ecosystems. It continuously evaluates information in real-time as new assets are deployed, decommissioned or as a system changes. It uncovers all attack vectors that can be used to breach your most critical assets, including data exposures and misconfigurations.

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Web Applicaton Security

Edgescan’s DAST engine inspects every web application by scanning JavaScript frameworks, React, Angular, HTML5 AJAX and single page applications, it also accesses hosting infrastructure and cloud resources for exposures. By utilizing other Edgescan solutions within the platform, the web application undergoes a vulnerability assessment process followed by penetration test. Legacy scanning solutions cannot provide the breadth and depth of an Edgescan assessment.

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Know Your APIs, Scan Your APIs, Test Your APIs

Don’t confuse API security configuration assessment with traditional vulnerability scanning – it is different. Using multi-layer probing technology the Edgescan API discovery engine utilizes asynchronous port scanning to identify and then monitor network changes. It automatically discovers active API endpoints across your entire attack surface and profiles from given endpoints..

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