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CX Index


Established in Dublin in 2012, CX Index is customer experience management software helping businesses around the world to capture and analyse customer feedback. CX Index has offices based in the U.K., Ireland and Poland. CX Index customers come from a range of sectors all with the shared goal of making more profitable, customer-centric decisions. The CX Index solution helps businesses to increase customer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction, reduce customer effort, and enhance operational efficiency.

Questions & Answers

What security challenges was CX Index experiencing before taking on Edgescan’s solution?

We are a relatively young company, and we brought Edgescan on board quite early on, so rather than transitioning from another vulnerability management solution it was more a case of deploying the Edgescan SaaS across our IT infrastructure. We operate in the Operational Technology (OT) space, as well, but currently we have a different approach to securing that side of the business. When we adopted Edgescan, our focus was to ensure that security was designed into our processes, building it from the ground up and embedding it into our operations.

Did you consider other solutions before you settled on Edgescan?

If you look at news reports every day, it is hard not to see the importance of working to improve security at every level. We have what we like to describe as a healthy level of paranoia around information security.

We recently hired a Chief Information Security Officer which means we now have deep domain expertise as part of our offering. That said, we are also aware that no person can work 24/7 monitoring our systems and the automated approach of Edgescan gives us this capability and an extra layer of ongoing protection. When we match this capability with our internal expertise, we feel we can now offer information security as a key differentiator and benefit for our customers.

What type of licensing/which solution did you implement 

Continuous vulnerability assessments and manual pen tests.

What made Edgescan your solution of choice, as opposed to its competitors

A strong reputation and the combination of both high tech capability and personal expertise which gives an extra level of comfort that nothing is slipping through the gaps.

How well did the integration/adoption process go?

Seamless. The service can be deployed across the IT infrastructure almost in real time.

How has CX Index benefited from using Edgescan?

Continuous vulnerability assessments have made it a lot easier for us to identify any gaps or concerns in our product offering and the amount of detail provided when a vulnerability is detected makes it easy for us to address them quickly. Plus we can sleep more easily in the knowledge that we are doing our utmost to ensure the data of our customers and their customers is protected!

Have you seen a return on investment?

Absolutely. As new business opportunities come to us, we are seeing growing requirements and expectations in terms of information security and vulnerability assessments. Having Edgescan in place covers a lot of our bases in terms of being able to meet these requirements and satisfy the requests from new and existing customers alike.

What does CX Index’s future with Edgescan look like – e.g. do you plan to expand your adoption of Edgescan’s services?

We will continue to use Edgescan in the future and extend its adoption to other parts of our platform as needed.

Any other comment you would like to make about Edgescan’s service?

Edgescan has a really excellent and speedy customer service. Every time we have requested assistance with something the response has been immediate and informative.