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Five Reasons You Need to Embrace “Smart” Vulnerability Management Today

You may have taken the initial steps and deployed automated scanning tools for your Vulnerability Management program (VM) only to find out that they generate a lot of noise and do not offer business context nor remediation guidance. Furthermore, the overhead to administrate these tools, rob your security team’s precious bandwidth to actually resolve real issues. In short, your Vulnerability Management Program is far from “Smart”. Here are Five Big Reasons why you need to embrace a Smart Approach for your VM Program:


Reason 1 – Contextualized Accurate Insight

A Smart Approach delivers both accuracy and context. Accuracy is ensured with the hybrid model where security experts validate every alert to achieve virtual 100% false positive-free intelligence. Contextualized intelligence is delivered by categorizing the severity level of each type of vulnerability against your business processes and integrating automated ranked alerts into your single dashboard. The Smart approach delivers accurate results and prioritizes what needs attention first.

Reason 2 – Adaptive Attack Surface Management

The attack surface evolves. As businesses evolve new systems are deployed, decommissioned and systems change, firewall changes occur, and rogue deployments and API exposures are introduced. A Smart VM solution will continuously scan and intelligently discover and assess all elements of the attack surface as well as the logical controls associated with the API. Flying blind is not smart. Adaption is Smart.


Reason 3 – Single Dashboard of Truth

A fragmented view of your security impedes your ability to make decisive actions on what really matters. The hacker certainly does not care what IT stack layer exposure they leverage to achieve their goals. A Smart Approach gives you a complete singular picture of your security posture – it’s not about enumerating vulnerabilities against each attack surface layer – it’s actually about resolving the important issues wherever they occur, right?

Reason 4 – IT and Operations are “Smart” Remediators

By integrating accurate full stack contextualized intelligence AND remediation guidance into IT and Support Staff’s day-to-day workflow, you effectively make your IT Team security remediation all-stars. That’s Smart.


Reason 5 – Your Management Outlook Becomes Strategically “Smart”

Security now has a strategic seat at the Enterprise Board Table. Armed with a singular and proactive approach to ensuring the Enterprise is resilient, the Security Team now partners with business teams to proactively ensure their optimal security posture is realized for each new business transformation exercise.


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