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Eoin & the security, Security as a Service / MSS…..Why?

Security as a Service / MSS…..Why?

A number of factors are driving the need for managed security services (MSS) which are namely expertise, cost and consistency.

Key concerns when considering an MSS should be included as detailed below:

Cost: The associated cost benefits of using some MSS providers may appear a very attractive proposition.

MSS provides the ability for a company to have deep security expertise without the associated cost of full time employees.

For example our
edgescan™ service gives our clients access to our security engineering team whom manage the security posture of their assets. A managed service should give you the ability to reduce your Capital Expenditure and control your security-spend without sacrificing quality.

Using an MSS, you can maintain your security posture but reduce overall Cost of ownership.

Accuracy: Security is about covering all the bases; a defender needs to manage all vulnerabilities, whilst an attacker needs to exploit only one (vulnerability).

Accuracy covers two aspects of MSS;

  1. Firstly the ability to detect and manage discovered vulnerabilities with confidence
  2. Secondly to reduce the time required by the business to patch, fix or configure due to the quality of the vulnerability information delivered via the MSS provider.

For example, our clients value the hybrid approach we have to vulnerability management which involves human validation of every discovered vulnerability and results in virtually “false positive free” security intelligence.

Your MSS should provide you with accurate, actionable security information.

Compliance and continuous management:

Threat & Vulnerability management and meeting compliance requirements via a 24/7 security assessment remain the primary drivers for considering an MSS.

Your MSS should assist with demonstrating compliance and continuous improvement via management information dashboards and extensible API calls for integration into your technology “stack”.

MSS can also assist you in reallocating existing resources to other security areas, or the need to engage deeper or broader expertise than is available in-house.

Your MSS should address requirements where you don’t have in-house expertise. is a managed security service developed, managed and delivered by BCC Risk Advisory. It’s a cloud based vulnerability management platform and helps clients discover and manage system vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.

It significantly reduces the cost of ownership while increasing cybersecurity resilience significantly.

edgescan provides continuous vulnerability assessment coupled with a customized reporting portal and APIs set to help you understand what vulnerabilities your business faces.

edgescan assesses the security of both web/mobile applications and associated servers, or indeed any deployed systems, giving you “full-stack” vulnerability management.