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Full Stack Vulnerability Management

Cut the noise of false positives.
Accurate and actionable results.

The Full Stack… the Edgescan Way

Edgescan’s vulnerability management solution provides unprecedented coverage that includes web application security testing (DAST), device / API security testing. Assessments are delivered continuously or on-demand, delivering verified, prioritized and actionable vulnerability intelligence.

No more time spent chasing false positives.
Teams can focus on what’s important.

Risk Prioritization that Cuts Through the Noise to Pinpoint Critical Issues

The Edgescan platform delivers validated vulnerability data that quickly rates each exposure for level of severity with our propriety scoring process that we call EVSS (Edgescan validated security score).

In addition, discovered vulnerabilities have the following risk-based data to help you prioritize risks: EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System), CISAKEV (CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability catalogue), CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System). Not all vulnerabilities are created equal – that is why Edgescan utilizes superior risk-based data.

Risk-rated Vulnerability Data

Using automation combined human intelligence, Edgescan uniquely tests for vulnerabilities that cannot be uncovered through traditional vulnerability scanning alone. Edgescan delivers validated vulnerability data and quickly rates the severity level of each exposure using a propriety scoring process called EVSS (Edgescan Validated Security Score).

Additionally, industry established risk-rating systems like CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System), EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System), and CISAKEV (CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability) are used to validate and prioritize risks

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal – that is why Edgescan utilizes superior risk-based data to accelerate remediation. 

Receive actionable risk intelligence with the ability to rescan on demand to ensure that your hosts and assets are fixed. This feature will tell you the following information at a glance: (ID, Name, Location, Date, Opened, Date, Closed, Risk, CVSS, Status, Layer). 

Increased Coverage.
High Accuracy.
Fast Remediation.

Time to Make a Change

If you are using a legacy scanning tool you are not getting the full-stack coverage that is needed for effective vulnerability management. Take a look at your existing tool using the six criteria below. If you can’t make a “check” against each of the criteria then it time to consider a modern day solution for cybersecurity.

Benefits for Edgescan Customers

Full Stack Coverage in One Platorm

Complete coverage across Device/Host/Network Security combined with (DAST) Web/API & Cloud Security in a unified platform.

Cut Through the Noise and Pinpoint Critical Risks

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on what’s most critical to your organization and the greatest risks.

Dynamic Assessments

Prioritized and actionable vulnerability intelligence is delivered continuously or on-demand.

Integrate with Existing Tools

Validated vulnerability data is feed right into your CI/CD development process.

Accurate Metrics and Reporting

The Edgescan platform delivers a unified view of results in of your ever-changing risk landscape coupled with along with detailed vulnerability metrics and reporting.

Fast Remediation

Speeds-up remediation by at least 50% with validated and prioritized vulnerability intelligence.

Behind the Scenes Expert Support

The Edgescan security experts (battle-hardened and CREST, OSCP and CEH certified) are standing by for additional support and vulnerability analysis.

Never Compromise Threat Protection:

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