FULL Stack vulnerability was designed to help eliminate security blind spots by detection of risks, vulnerabilities and exposures across the stack. OWASP, CVE, CVSS, CIS, PCI ASV all covered.

Eliminate Security Blind spots – Our automated scanning DAST engine scans JavaScript frameworks, React, Angular, HTML5, ALAX and Single Page Applications. All of which are commonly missed by most scanners.

Our Full Stack approach also results in validated and prioritized vulnerability intelligence. Every weakness discovered is validated for severity, risk and exploitability.

Every vulnerability discovered is checked to see if it is actively being used to exploit systems by mapping the validated intelligence to the CISA KEV.

Edgescan’s DAST component of Full Stack Vulnerability management includes both authenticated assessment, a simulation of a “trusted” attacker.

Our Full Stack approach has also been built from the ground up to provide assessments of Web Applications, Networks and API’s using our custom-built technology combined with expertise when required.

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The main challenges of
vulnerability management are

Frequency and

  1. We need accurate vulnerability intelligence
  2. We need to prioritize it
  3. We need to cover the Full Stack
  4. We need it frequently or as often as required
  5. We need to eliminate Security blind spots

The following need to be considered
when looking for effective Full Stack
Vulnerability Management.


Full stack coverage includes both device security and Web/API security. Edgescan ensures the target systems are undergoing the appropriate level of coverage so we don't have any blind spots.


We can't prioritize security weaknesses to address unless we have accurate vulnerability intel. Accuracy is a cornerstone of the Edgescan approach. Prioritization should be based on real world threat intel. FIX WHAT MATTERS!


We want assessments on a continuous basis, delivering actionable and prioritized vulnerability intelligence. We need the assessment cadence to keep-pace with any potential changes to your landscape.

ASM Integrations:

Edgescan delivers ASM to provide continuous real-time visibility and true accuracy. From simple deployments to cloud-native ASM.


We don't want to waste time validating discovered issues. We need events and alerts of new vulnerabilities and associate risks which are truly accurate as they occur. As we integrate into other ecosystems we need accurate intelligence. False positives kill any effective security program.

Security Blind spots:

Our scanning technology covers the full stack (as above!!). It also delivers unique client-side security assessments by processing JavaScript frameworks, Angular, AJAX, React, HTML5 & Single Page Applications to detect dynamic targets (unlike other scanning engines.

The Benefits

of Attack Surface Management

Full Stack Coverage

Device/Host/Network Security combined with (DAST) Web/API & Cloud Security in a unified platform.


Guaranteed accuracy with virtually zero false positives.


Easily prioritize discovered issues quickly.

ASM included

Edgescan platform delivers real-time ASM to deliver unparalleled visibility.

Continuous security

Edgescan and deliver on-demand continuous security across the full stack.

Developer integrations

Embed DAST into your CI/CD development process.


Vulnerability metrics across the entire full stack.

Tool Consolidations

We deliver a unified view, resulting in better efficiency and responsiveness to the ever-changing risk landscape.


A team of dedicated pen testers available to help you understand and fix what matters to you.

5 reasons why
choose Edgescan

Prioritizes Risks

Understand vulnerability criticality based on what's important to your business.

Our platform discovers, validates and prioritizes your organization's most critical risks, making it easy for your security and IT teams to know where to focus first.

Edgescan maps all validated vulnerabilities to the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV). As exposures are discovered you can prioritize based on if they are being used by cyber criminals in the wild.

Our unique validation and prioritization approach helps you focus on which vulnerabilities to focus on to make the most positive impacts to your business' security posture.

As vulnerabilities are discovered which are known to be exploited, automatically alert your teams to act quickly. Once the fix is applied retest on demand, no problem.

Platform's automatic risk prioritization is based on:

  • Attackers' priorities
  • Business context
  • Likelihood
  • Remediation complexity
  • Ease of exploitation

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