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Enhancing Cyber Security with AI Insights by Edgescan

Edgescan AI Insights is designed to provide guidance on questions such as:

“What vulnerabilities should we focus on?”
“What developer training would help improve our security posture?”
“Which assets are potentially exposed to ransomware attack?”

Live Fast Die Young

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. The challenge of maintaining a strong cyber security posture is more critical than ever, yet traditional methods often fall short in providing timely and actionable insights.

There are many badges of “honor” (big oversized question mark), and endless war stories a lot of us have lived through, that tell us we are overrun; large expanses of data, too many vulnerabilities, lack of context, poor risk prioritization, and essentially not knowing what to fix first! And all on 4 hours of sleep.

SOC burnout is increasingly on the rise, which is not the healthiest topic of conversation when looking at an entry point into a “rewarding career” in any given industry.

It is abundantly evident that security analysts across the Enterprise and MSS/MSP space need more direct help and less “faff and waffle” when it comes to making decisions and taking next steps in reducing cyber risk in their respective working environments.

Help Has Arrived: AI Insights by Edgescan

AI Insights by Edgescan addresses these problems by leveraging advanced AI technology to provide real-time cyber security insights, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and enhance their security measures. By analyzing vulnerability data with the AI-Powered Insights engine, AI Insights delivers personalized, tactical, and strategic recommendations to mitigate risks, prioritize remediation efforts, and maintain compliance.

Key Features of AI Insights

AI-Powered Cyber Security Insights

AI Insights utilizes Edgescan’s AI-Powered Insights engine to provide real-time analysis of vulnerability data. This powerful tool offers:

Real-Time Analysis: Instantly analyzes vulnerability data to provide immediate insights.

Personalized Insights: Delivers tailored insights based on your organization’s specific vulnerability data.

Ransomware Risk Assessment

To combat the ever-present threat of ransomware, AI Insights includes:

Vulnerability Indicators: Evaluates discovered vulnerabilities to assess ransomware risk.

Exposure Focus: Identifies which exposures should be prioritized to minimize breach risks.

Remediation Prioritization

AI Insights helps organizations address the most critical issues first with:

Threat-Based Prioritization: Uses real-world threat analysis, ransomware intelligence, and threat metadata to determine which issues to address first.

Compliance Guidance

Maintaining compliance with various security frameworks is simplified with AI Insights:

Framework Compliance: Provides guidance to ensure compliance with frameworks such as CIS, PCI-DSS, DORA, HIPAA, ISO, SOC2, GDPR, and more.

Training Focus

AI Insights helps improve organizational skills and reduce vulnerabilities by:

Educational Recommendations: Suggests where to allocate developer and technical education budgets based on trends in vulnerabilities, their rate of occurrence, and associated risks.

Exploitable Vulnerabilities

AI Insights offers crucial information on vulnerabilities and exploit codes:

Exploit Code Insight: Provides information on current open vulnerabilities and associated exploit codes to aid in prioritization decisions.

Anomaly Detection

AI Insights enhances security monitoring by detecting unusual patterns:

Estate-Wide Trends: Identifies significant weak spots, vulnerability clustering, exposure frequency, and business unit security posture.

Cyber Trends: Highlights anomalies and trends that deviate from the norm across your security landscape.

Dynamic and Scalable Insights

AI Insights adapts to your organization’s needs with:

Large Dataset Analysis: Analyzes a vast landscape of over 15,000,000 verified vulnerabilities to generate actionable insights and trending information.

Organizational and Unit-Level Insights: Provides insights specific to a single organization or shared across multiple organizations and business units.

Adaptive Insights: Continuously updates as your business and security posture evolve.

Rapid Response: Links report data to live vulnerabilities for quick action.

Benefits of AI Insights

Implementing AI Insights by Edgescan offers numerous advantages, including:

Enhanced Security Posture: Gain real-time, personalized insights and prioritize remediation efforts effectively.

Risk Mitigation: Focus on reducing risks associated with ransomware and other cyber threats.

Compliance Catch Up: Maintain and streamline compliance with critical security frameworks.

Improved Training: Guide investment in education to reduce vulnerability recurrence and improve overall security expertise.

Informed Decision-Making: Access detailed, actionable insights to make data-driven security decisions.

Proactive Threat Management: Detect and address anomalies and trends that could signify emerging threats.


AI Insights by Edgescan is a dynamic and robust solution for organizations aiming to enhance their cyber security through intelligent, real-time analysis and actionable insights. It empowers security teams with the tools needed to prioritize vulnerabilities, comply with regulatory standards, and invest wisely in security training and resources. For the modern CISO, AI Insights is an essential tool to stay ahead of cyber threats and maintain a strong security posture.


Figure 1. AI Insights dashboard.