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One Platform.
Five full-featured solutions.

  • Prevents tool sprawl and associated costs by integrating with existing tools and workflows.
  • Provides unique intelligence only offered by a hybrid solution (automation/analytics + human intellect).
  • Exposes weaknesses and risk across your entire attack surface and ecosystem.
  • Eliminates the noise of false positives to allow developers to focus on what matters.
  • Reduces costs and overhead for pen testing and vulnerability management by 60%.
  • Improves cybersecurity posture and resilience by reducing red team success speed by 400%.
  • Speeds-up remediation by at least 50% with validated and prioritized vulnerability intelligence.

95% Customer Retention

95% Customer Retention

Edgescan helps protect global organizations, of all sizes and industries, from cyber attacks also partners with leading technology organizations to provide full-stack integrations and superior support. Check out some of customer reviews we received on Gartner Peer Insights.

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One platform. Complete visibility. Fixed costs.

Edgescan is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity platform that unifies all required security solutions into a single combative platform. These solutions include: pen testing as a service (PTaaS), vulnerability management, dynamic application security testing (DAST), attack surface management (ASM), and API security testing.

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Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management
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Revolutionary Cybersecurity Platform

Assets Management

Keep track of all assets and perform assessments on demand, for a holistic management of your organizations assets.

Centralized Dashboard

Get all your information in one location with an interactive & exportable risk metrics dashboard: Exposure Factor, Risk over time, Mean time to remediate, Asset Risk, Vulnerabilities by risk rating.

Actionable Risk Intellgience

Receive actionable risk intelligence with the ability to rescan on demand to ensure that your hosts and assets are fixed. This feature will tell you the following information at a glance: (ID, Name, Location, Date, Opened, Date, Closed, Risk, CVSS, Status, Layer). There are also a number of different filters that you can select to speed the process in identifying what needs to be addressed based on risk/cvss or layer. We also have an export function to allow you to export these vulnerabilities to allow you to pass them on to other teams responsible for fixing them.


Always know what’s going on with our 24/7 visibility of your external exposures that have been added to the platform, allowing you to know exactly what is going on at any given time. Another key feature for the platform is the tracking of all hosts added to the Edgescan platform such as: (ID, Location, Label, API Discovered, OS, Hostnames, Status). Additionally, we provide a number of different filters to help locate hosts that larger organizations may have trouble finding.


Edgescan platform has an extensive reporting system that allows you to generate a report on any page that you are on, we offer two types: Standard Reports PCI Reports Once you go about exporting a report, you have a number of different options to choose from such as: Executive Summary: Giving a high-level overview Technical Summary: Showing all vulnerabilities with limited details Technical detail: Showing all vulnerabilities with high detail. You can also select what assets to cover and the report period which gives you a number of options. Reports are important for all organizations and one area that Edgescan are always improving upon.

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