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Tableau Integration with Edgescan

Edgescan is excited to announce the availability of a fully supported Tableau integration. In the era of big data, most companies look to use Business Intelligence & Data Analysis tools to analyze their business data to make more informed, intelligent decisions.  

Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau allow organizations to visualize this data in the form of worksheets, dashboards, and reports.  

Leveraging the Tableau integration, users can fetch data across all aspects of Edgescan. Including information in relation to assets, vulnerabilities, and plenty more.  

Edgescan & Tableau together form a perfect combination for any team looking to use data to plan and execute long & short-term goals and to affect the value derived from using Edgescan.  

Below are three ways users can use the power of Edgescan & Tableau:  

  • Bring in full-stack vulnerability datasets together for easy analysis to supply a single source of truth.  
  • Understand and manage vulnerabilities in your organization using intuitive worksheets, dashboards, and reports.  
  • Find potential areas of risk by applying endless different techniques within Tableau.   


For more information on how to activate this integration, please visit our dedicated Tableau integrations page by clicking the button below.