Detect security issues early

Detecting issues early in the development life-cycle coupled with validation and support results in edgescan being a virtual security support service for developers. Retesting on demand, scheduling assessments when required and having the comfort that all discovered issues and alerts are real and not going to waste your time is key to helping you write secure code.

Discovered issues can be consumed to circulate vulnerabilities into the development pipeline such that they can be fixed. Our API is simple to integrate with and very useful for Dev-Sec integration with any system development life-cycle.


Your virtual Cyber security advisory team

We don’t expect developers to be security experts and using edgescan as the go-to virtual team results in rapid mitigation and early detection of security issues on a continuous basis.


Production-safe and DevSecOps pipeline integration

edgescan can assess both pre-production and production environment with a range of deployment models to support you needs in a production-safe manner. Pre production assessments can be invoked via our API. Findings can be consumed via the API also, simple right?!