C-Level Executives

Constant visibility of vulnerability posture:

Maintaining a secure posture and compliance by constantly reducing business risks requires an accurate, rapid and scalable security solution that can reduce operational costs and budget whilst improve cyber security robustness.


Custom event alerting, metrics and situational awareness:

edgescan enables you to understand, act and plan cyber security management activities in business terms to achieve alignment with organizational goals and compliance requirements. From knowing what assets are most problematic to how quick are teams mitigating risks, to what are the most common issues across your enterprise, edgescan vulnerability intelligence can assist you in making decisions which will have a real impact. edgescan can drive and focus tasks such as training & awareness, identify weak processes and procedures and even help push cyber security awareness to the fore.


Intelligence where you want it, when you want it:

From exporting vulnerability spreadsheets and detailed graphs for management meetings to setting up alerts based on what you want to know edgescan helps you keep on the pulse of your cyber security defense. edgescan can integrate into GRC, Messaging systems, Bug tracking tools etc to help you manage and communicate cyber risks within your organisation in an instant. Security is everyone’s responsibility, edgescan can help!