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Remembering Conor Cronin

Edgescan lost a team member four weeks ago.  Conor wasn’t just a member of a team. He was our friend, our brother, someone who always cheered you up if you needed cheering up. He was the one you always enjoyed having a pint with.


He was funny to the bone.


Conor started with us as an intern almost 4 years ago, and I could tell on his first day that he would be around for a long time. I played pool with him that day and he reciprocated any sledging with an interest. He wasn’t very good! Fast forward 3 years, and he beat me on the same table without me potting a ball. It was the same with work, he was better, he just needed to grow into it. He was the first person I asked to be a mentor each time someone new started, as he was a great advertisement for the type of person we have in the company. He was highly intelligent and eager to pass on the knowledge he had and could do this with any type of personality.


I’ve spoken to anyone that would listen over the years about how I enjoy working at Edgescan, about the people I work with. It sounds like a cliché or something that companies bandy about a lot, but we’ve always tried to keep the ‘start-up atmosphere’ as we grew into a global organization. At times it’s been tough or it’s seemed like we were moving away from that, but then as you’re leaving the office one evening and Conor drives by with his middle finger raised you realize nothing has changed at all!


We are like a family, we have our kooky uncles and quiet cousins with weird hairstyles, cool big sisters and geeky little brothers, that aunt that drinks a little bit too much. Conor was the bright brother that lit up a room. These are the people we spend most of our waking day with, the people that know us inside out, the ones you want to impress and have fun with. So when we lose someone it hits us like a ton of bricks, everything is now different. I’m not sure what else to say about it.


Conor had an accident while running to raise money for Movember. His family have asked for donations for this worthy cause, so if you have a couple of euros, dollars, or pesos please feel free to donate. If not, then that’s fine too.


To date and thanks to Conor, Team Edgescan has raised over €120,000, of that, over €114,000 was raised in Conor’s name making him the top fundraiser in the world for Movember.  Conor’s loss was felt far and wide, his loved ones and organisations he touched have dedicated events in his memory.

Irish artist Maser and singer-songwriter Damien Dempsey collaborated to create an original piece of artwork for #Movember Titled ‘Meet Me At The Bridge’, the piece is inspired by conversations surrounding mental health and was brought to life on the iconic Samuel Beckett Bridge in remembrance of Mo Bro Conor. Read more.




RIP brother, we miss you!





Ciaran Byrne

Head of Platform Operations



Dublin 04/12/2020