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New Edgescan Feature: Self-Service

What is Self-Service 

Self-Service is a streamlining of the Edgescan onboarding experience. This includes an improved asset creation and asset scanning process capable of supporting the complex configurations associated with both.  

Many of these new workflows already existed for the Edgescan penetration testing team. We needed to translate workflows created for seasoned penetration testers into a friendly user-experience so that all Edgescan users can benefit from the updates.  

We are ready to offer self-service as a default to all customers from today. 

Self Service Feature - Assets

Self Service Feature - Assets Creation

Key benefits 

Initiate scan – You can now create an asset and initiate scanning in a matter of seconds Ensuring a quicker time to value with Edgescan’s scanning technology. 

Business unit autonomy – You can now grant individual business units the ability to onboard their own assets via the UI reducing organisation maintenance and administration efforts. 

License management – Less management overhead with the ability to forecast and export more granular breakdowns of license usage in formats understandable by project managers and finance teams. 

Scheduled Exports – Enhanced automation capabilities with set and forget exports, you can now schedule configurable exports and report to be delivered via email at your convenience. 

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