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How Deploying an EASM Solution Strengthens your Security Posture

As you may recall, a few months ago I discussed how Edgescan EPSS and CISA KEV mapping tools help with vulnerability prioritization and risk mitigation. I described our Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) solution that is designed to uncover weaknesses and exposures across the enterprise and provide breach predictability of each vulnerability. As a continuation of this topic and following up on my statement that we are always developing tools to help you better prioritize and resolve risk in your hybrid IT environments, I’d like to introduce our new External Attack Surface Management Solution.


Let’s Start with the Basics about EASM

What is EASM?

EASM is designed to solve a specific problem due to enterprises increasingly moving faster with hybrid, multi-cloud IT deployment and change. This problem is amplified when clouds are commonplace, and deployment is fast and furious. With this rapid time-to-market and quick deployment of new features comes increased risk: an organization’s IT footprint and attack surface increases and evolves.

As enterprise infrastructures change and evolve over time, effective cyber security typically does not keep pace. This is exemplified with systems being deployed that are unknown, not maintained or monitored or unauthorized.  A larger attack surface, in theory, requires more resources and processes to secure while presenting a higher chance of weaknesses going undiscovered. This results in a higher probability of breach.

Why deploy EASM?

In my experience most breaches are not “complex” or exotic but rather due to simple weaknesses in systems because of them being overlooked and vulnerabilities not being mitigated. In most cases, vulnerabilities are not mitigated because the cyber team did not know the system existed in the first place. EASM is a key product in the Edgescan platform that ‘investigates’ your organizations’ presence on the Internet to help discover known and, more importantly, unknown, deployed systems, servers, websites, API’s and applications. This results in a bill of materials addressing questions like “what assets do we have facing the Internet?”; “what is our exposure to public/unauthorized access?” Without specifically understanding the answers to these questions, you leave your organization at risk.

Why Use Edgescan EASM?

The Edgescan platform is the key to our advantage in the security threat mitigation industry. By integrating our strong PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service), with our RBVM and EASM solutions, and utilizing a common, extensive data lake, Edgescan keeps you readily informed of your enterprise-wide security posture as it changes, resulting in Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM). No other offering on the market matches the breadth and depth of our integrated vulnerability prioritization and risk management solutions.

How is Edgescan EASM different?

Edgescan is the industry leader in PTaaS and full stack RBVM, which provides our clients with an abundance of validated security metrics in terms of coverage, prioritization, MTTR and historical audit logs of a system’s cyber security lifecycle. By combining EASM with PTaaS and RBVM, the Edgescan platform can inform you in a single, unified view, of what systems are under cyber management, what level of rigor (depth) is being applied, and more importantly, which of the discovered systems are not undergoing cybersecurity posture assessment, ala your “blind spots”.

Key features of the Edgescan EASM include the following:

  • Discovery of unknown systems deployed on the public Internet
  • Subdomain enumeration and shadow IT enumeration
  • API discovery
  • Service discovery and exposure alerts 
  • Mapping across RBVM / PTaaS and discovered assets
  • Unlimited investigations on demand
  • Native cloud integration for continuous ASM
  • Integrated with the Edgescan platform you get penetration testing as a service and risk-based vulnerability management – so you have continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) across your multi-cloud environment. 

With this new addition to our Edgescan platform, we extend our leadership in helping enterprises of all sizes continuously discover, monitor, and secure their evolving IT infrastructure. For more information on EASM, check out our product details here >>