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Good Password Management

While online can be extremely fantastic, a key to staying secure is the creation of long and strong passwords. 


Tips on creating a traditional password:


  1. Have a minimum of 12 characters
  2. Include the use of Numbers, Symbols, Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  3. Stay clear of dictionary passwords, such as the Edge Scan
  4. Don’t substitution obvious letters for numbers, such as 3dge Sc4n


When creating a password, try something such as ‘$c@nEdg3123#‘, it’s complex with the variety of all tips given above. 


An edgescan excellent tip for creating a rememberable password would be via the use of passphrases.

Try something like ‘corr3ct3dgesc@n_i$#th3BEST!‘, doing this we are taking completely random and independent of themselves words in order to create a passphrase. Remember even if the password is complex, it is recommend to not reuse it on multiple accounts.


Following on from the traditional tips, the use of Password Managers are a great way to ensure your passwords are randomised, of suitable length and of complex security. 


Password Managers

There are many password managers widely available, one to recommend is LastPass(

It offers a free version and with compatibility on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad. Along with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera.


It is easy to use, with many features from access from all devices to password generators along with Multifactor authentication.


Multi Factor Authentication

Although having a complex password or the use a password manager can be great, don’t let the security be weakened by not ensuring you’ve enabled 2 Factor Authentication across all your accounts. Most platforms nowadays should offer 2FA in multiple forms, this can generally be found within the security settings of your account.


In order to set up 2FA, you can receive your codes from any of the following:

  • SMS (Text Message)
  • Email
  • Authenticator App such as Google’s Authenticator App
  • Authentication Notifications
  • Hardware Authentication Devices such as a YubiKey


Stay safe, create those complex passwords, use a password manager and remember to always enable 2FA!

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Emma Heffernan

Security Analyst at Edgescan