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Five Easy Steps to Achieving Security Tool Consolidation Now

Your Tool Proliferation Problem is Both Serious and Fixable

Step 1 – Recognize it is a Problem

You are not alone. Gartner has concluded that in 2021, 78% of Enterprises have 16 tools or more and 12% have 46 or more. And the majority of them (80%) have identified vendor consolidation as a Top Three initiative. It’s a problem. It’s a real serious problem. It’s a problem you need to solve now. (Gartner Top Security and Risk Trends for 2021)


Step 2 – Break the Habits that Brought You Here

As the Gartner report suggests it’s not unusual that you find yourself plagued with a tool proliferation problem. You and the majority of Enterprises have simply followed the path of acquiring specialized tools for each layer of the IT stack. And now you need to declutter and pivot from a pure point solution approach.


Step 3 – Ensure Everyone Appreciates the Value of Consolidation (and it’s not just cost

Usually there are compromises that need to be reached – one typically expects with tool consolidation that you sacrifice on the accuracy of the best of breed point solutions. The opposite is in fact the case. Gartner concludes that while Cost Reduction might initially be the driver – consolidation actually delivers both streamlined ops and lower security risk.


Step 4 – Start with Low Hanging Fruit – Embrace Smart Full Stack Platforms

More than wishful thinking – there actually exists mature solutions that have been purpose-built from the ground up within a Full Stack paradigm. Edgescan is one such solution. Their full stack solution integrates expert verification with tuned scanning engines for Web application layer, Hosting Environment layer, Operating System of the Host, Host Machine Services and Underlaying Network. These are all modular so you can start to consolidate strategically with the layers that are important to you.


Step 5 – What is a Reasonable Expectation?

Well of course every client’s initial complexity is different but on average the CISO can eliminate conservatively 25%. So for those with 46 tools that translates to ten to twelve tools eliminated. This is significant and can be realized within weeks of implementation.