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External Attack Surface

Press Release: Edgescan Releases Innovative External Attack Surface Management Solution

Edgescan’s EASM Offering Provides Unprecedented Visibility and Continuous Monitoring to Optimize Enterprise Security

DUBLIN – JUNE 20, 2023 – Edgescan, the first-fully integrated cybersecurity platform, announced today the release of its new External Attack Surface Management solution, offering unprecedented visibility and continuous monitoring to help secure organizations of all sizes.

Today’s enterprises require a cloud-savvy security solution that effectively inventories, monitors, manages and protects their corporate assets across their digital footprint. Traditional ad hock approaches and laborious, manual processes, combined with legacy tools make the process complex, expensive, and ‘false positive’ prone due to human error. An essential way to gain complete visibility and control across a multi-cloud IT environment requires an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution that uses a hybrid approach; a solution that provides automated risk-based vulnerability intelligence coupled with incident validation that leverages cyber analytics and human expertise.

“Edgescan’s unique hybrid approach combines EASM with its award-winning PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service) and RBVM (Risk-based Vulnerability Management) solutions, providing organizations with an optimal view of risks and exposures, understanding exactly what assets exist and what level of security coverage is being applied” says Eoin Keary, Founder and CEO of Edgescan. “The outcome is detailed, actionable and validated vulnerability intelligence that provides risk prioritization for faster remediation and coverage assurance.”

The Edgescan EASM solution solves the lack of visibility and slow remediation response challenges presented by legacy tools and manual processes; making it a cornerstone of any modern-day cybersecurity strategy. Integrated with Edgescan Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) capabilities, EASM provides complete visibility and assessment across multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructures allowing organizations to see and effectively secure their critical assets and applications. The solution provides the flexibility for organizations to easily modify their change management and deployment models whenever needed, to suit their business needs.


EASM is a feature in Edgescan which “investigates” your organizations presence on the Internet to help discover deployed systems, servers, websites, API’s and applications.

Key capabilities of the Edgescan EASM solution include mapping, discovery, and inventory tracking of known DNS and, most importantly, unknown, internet systems; exposing shadow IT and discovering and enumerating subdomains; customizable alerting and reporting of discovered anomalies and exposures; and more. The overall benefits help security teams confidently discover and understand the security of their hybrid environments with continuous, proactive monitoring, while optimizing incident response and remediation.



About Edgescan

Edgescan is the first fully integrated cybersecurity platform that unifies all required security solutions into a single combative platform. These solutions include penetration testing as a service (PTaaS), full stack vulnerability management (FSVM), dynamic application security testing (DAST), external attack surface management (EASM), and API security testing. All vulnerability information gleaned from any assessment or test is added to a growing collection of intelligence that is stored in our data lake and shared amongst the solutions. The platform enables companies to view and map assets across their entire global attack surface and delivers validated vulnerability data eliminating false positives. The platform reduces the complexity and overhead associated with tool proliferation, speeds up remediation, cuts operational costs, while reducing risk associated with digital transformation and cloud deployments.

Christine Carrig
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing