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Edgescan Questions & Answers with Troy Hunt Part 2

The Edgescan Team Sent Questions to Troy Hunt (Part 2 of 3)


Troy answers the following questions in this video


  1. Does being a public figure within the cybersecurity world leave you more exposed as a target to malicious attacks. If so, how do you manage and deal with these?
  2. What developments do you see emerging within the field of cybersecurity that will shape the future landscape? Troy’s Blog link.
  3. What advice do you have for the average internet user to help ensure they safeguard their passwords and data on a daily basis?
  4. Without revealing any sensitive information, what’s the most memorable test you’ve performed, and what made it so memorable? Nissan Blog link
  5. What do you feel the greatest challenge is, that a Cyber Security professional would face on a regular basis? Home office blog link.
  6. Do you feel there are enough efforts being made to make cybersecurity more accessible to younger generations? If not, what might be done in your opinion?


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Big thanks to Troy for being so generous with his time and to the Edgescan team for coming up with the questions.


Troy Hunt is behind “Have I Been Pwned” and is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP who travels the world speaking at events and training technology professionals.