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Leading the charge in Cybersecurity

Edgescan: Leading the Charge in Cybersecurity

Edgescan has been recognized by two organizations as a key player in external attack surface management and application security testing software

In an era where cybersecurity threats are increasing alarmingly, organizations must proactively safeguard their digital assets. Expert Insights and Orbis Research have spotlighted Edgescan’s exceptional contributions to cybersecurity, specifically in the areas of External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and Application Security Testing (AST) software solutions.  


Recognizing Edgescan in the Top 10 External Attack Surface Management Software Solutions

Expert Insights, recognized Edgescan as a prominent player, earning a spot in the “Top 10 External Attack Surface Management Software Solutions.” This recognition emphasizes the company’s commitment to improving businesses’ security posture by identifying and mitigating exposures across their IT ecosystem and internal infrastructure.

Edgescan’s EASM solution is designed to provide comprehensive visibility into an organization’s attack surface, encompassing all the digital assets and potential entry points that attackers can exploit. It goes beyond conventional vulnerability scanning by offering continuous monitoring and real-time insights into vulnerabilities across web applications, APIs, and network infrastructure. 

One of Edgescan’s distinguishing features is its ability to correlate and prioritize risk-based vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to focus on addressing the most critical threats first to ensure a strong security posture is achieved and maintained. This proactive approach is crucial in today’s dynamic threat landscape, where cyberattacks constantly evolve.

Moreover, Edgescan’s EASM solution excels in its capacity to integrate seamlessly with existing security tools and workflows, facilitating a holistic and efficient cybersecurity strategy. Organizations can strengthen their defenses by automating vulnerability discovery and remediation while reducing the manual effort required while improving their security posture.  



Acknowledging Edgescan’s Contribution to the Global Application Security Testing Software Market 

Orbis Research highlighted Edgescan is as a key player in the market, contributing substantially to its growth and development. 

Organizations that develop or use software applications rely heavily on the AST market to ensure data and infrastructure security. Edgescan’s AST solution is   comprehensive, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities to ensure application security and reliability.

Edgescan’s application security testing solution utilizes automated scanning, manual testing, and expert analysis to provide in-depth application security coverage. It offers context and remediation guidance beyond mere vulnerability detection, enabling organizations to address vulnerabilities effectively.



Edgescan is dedicated to ensuring that your organization’s security posture is improved by offering complete and continuous visibility of your global attack surface. Our cybersecurity platform comprises five advanced solutions: External Attack Surface Management, Application Security Testing, Risk-based Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing as a Service, and API Security Testing. The combination of these solutions helps businesses proactively safeguard themselves against emerging cyber threats.