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Edgescan Launches Attention Index Metric


Innovation never ends at edgescan and we are constantly improving value to our clients and making our products and services as good as they can be.  Edgescan’s most recent deployment is the Attention Index metric.  An asset’s Attention Index is a value between 0 and 100 that indicates how much attention or ‘love’ the client gives to that asset. It’s an abstract measurement that is calculated from edgescan’s vulnerability data.


The attention index is shown in a new widget on the left of the metrics page.  The widget will display the assets with the 10 highest, also known as Most Loved Assets and 10 lowest attention index scores. If there are multiple assets with a perfect or zero score, they will be grouped. There is an excel export function where all assets and scores can be viewed.


Edgescan Attention Index




The idea is to present a list of the client’s assets which are receiving most ‘attention’, the severity of the vulnerability is not a consideration.  The beauty of the Attention Index is that it gives an instant overview of a large number of assets and the volume of vulnerabilities being resolved.  The ‘most loved assets’ can be easily accessed by clicking on the link in the index.


The Attention Index data can be exported for use in reports and charts.  The information is recorded over time so that changes in position are highlighted by green (up) or red (down) arrows for clear, at-a-glance information.  To date, the feedback has been hugely positive as those responsible for a large number of assets can easily see how their resources are being utilised.  Ideally, an organisation’s most critical assets should also be the most ‘loved’.


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