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Edgescan Company Day & Awards

Last Friday, Edgescan had its first full company day in more than three years! It was awesome to be able to hang out together at Dunboyne Castle and a large number of us had never met in person! ‘Awaydays’ as we call them, have been frequent part of company life since we started, usually doing a few each year, whereby we all come together for the full day and night. Since the last one in March 2019, we have doubled in size and grown our US team substantially It was lovely to be able to welcome them all and for many it was their first time in Ireland! 

Not only did we have a very constructive day in brainstorming and catching up, but we also had our Edgescan awards which two of the main awards are as follow:  

  • Best Sales Rep of the year  
  • Conor Cronin Award – For security operational excellence 

We also had a few other awards; however, these were for individual projects internally (It had to do with a Hackathon and pirates – don’t ask!) and client specific projects (such as a project in delivering a large number of pen tests in a very short timeframe). 


The first award was for best sales representative this year and the winner was Rodney Jess. 

Our next award was the Conor Cronin award, dedicated to the late Conor who worked at Edgescan as a penetration tester. This year we were delighted to present this award to one of our team leads, Patrick Christian. Patrick was nominated and voted for by team members – one of the unsung heros working tirelessly in the background. Congrats Patrick, well deserved! 

We are already looking forward to our next big meet-up (most likely the Christmas party, whoop whoop) and to see how our family has once again grown.