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Driving Smart Vulnerability Management (VM) Intelligence with Context

Smart Vulnerability Management (VM) allows quick determination between critical, high, medium, and low risk. Context drives everything.


Context Matters

Traditional automated scanning solutions will provide incident alerts. They will provide a lot of them. But without knowing their context – what order of priority both on the business and technical side they should be placed in –it is challenging to know how one should respond. And chasing every incident as if it has a Level 1 risk association tied to it is simply not sustainable.


Installing Smart Intelligence – It’s All About the Setup

An effective and smart vulnerability management (VM) solution can be built so that in the onboarding phase, vulnerabilities can be classified to reflect both the technical and business risk they represent. Instead of trying to determine potential risk without a Smart VM approach, the alerts with a Smart VM solution will present themselves in context so that significant incidents can be dealt with in a timely and relevant way.

Conversely, incidents that do not represent significant risk can be handled according to the severity of risk they represent.


But Every Business is Different

Put simply, a Game Streaming company will have different concerns than a Financial Service company. The ability to offer a highly responsive game interaction user experience will not have the same high priority in a financial services context. It is specifically because of these different business contexts, that Smart VM solutions are designed with a built-in capability to rank incident-type against the specific technical and business risk for that organization. And finally, a Smart VM solution will have built-in automation to provide security and attack surface alerts with contextualized business and technical priority rankings.


All Incidents are Not Created Equal

Web application Risk Density is typically vastly higher than non-web application assets. It is important that your Smart VM solution can provide you with an accurate assessment of the risk density of every threat. Smart VM means you can quickly determine between critical, high, medium, and low risk. Context drives everything.


Context in Action

The Edgescan team leverages the Edgescan Platform to extract data across industries and geographies and can identify risks across the entire stack . Your current solution should be able to provide this context on the fly for your organization.

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