Job Description:

This position will support the Edgescan Team in enabling external products and services to be implemented gracefully into the Customer & Edgescans ecosystems. The role will involve building out prospective integrations as well as documenting and formalising the Edgescan integrations program. This role will work directly with the Product Development Teams and the Revenue Teams.


  • Ability to work closely with various types of stakeholders to understand and scope use cases and workflows for a technology driven integration.
  • Consult with customers to develop viable use cases for automation and integration.
  • Ability to review vendor provided documentation, open forums and other sourcing avenues to research the intricacies of a third-party technologies APIs to understand how the integration should be architected.
  • Responsible for leveraging design tools for testing and researching of APIs for developers to gain insight in to how the integration will work.
  • Take part in product planning meetings and provide statistical backend guidance on product development as it relates to certain technologies
  • Work closely with our software developers to design, research, and scope technology integrations.
  • Ability to support cross-functional teams in the full software development life cycle of integration from design and conception through implementation and roll out.
  • This individual will be the SME of certain technology types and be responsible for the accuracy, quality and integrity of data and it’s documentation/messaging back to the business.
  • Ability to maintain user, administrator, engineering, and other documentation as it relates to the integration and its design.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Strong desire to learn new technologies and ability to be self-sufficient in problem solving.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with python and/or ruby.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in cyber security and/or information security
  • Knowledge or expertise of capabilities of common platforms within an enterprise security environment and how they work together to improve security posture (ex: cloud technologies, endpoint technologies, threat intelligence, vulnerability scanning, enterprise ticketing, etc.)
  • Must have solid understanding of REST/SOAP/XML/HTTP Request Methods.
  • Strong presentation and verbal skills.
  • Proficient with Swagger and/or Postman formats for API research, testing and validation.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in parallel.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must possess strong analytical, problem solving and documentation skills.
  • Good understanding of the software development lifecycle from conception to delivery.

Desired experience

  • Experience with SOAR and Vulnerability Management platforms.
  • Must be comfortable and proficient in their use of APIs.
  • Experience setting up and implementing technologies to best practices.
  • Ability to handle issue management quickly; individual is able to conduct deep reviews of issues to quickly reveal the root cause, recommend short and long-term fixes and follow through with the overall resolution.

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