Kenna Security

Kenna automates the correlation of vulnerability data, threat data, and zero-day data, analyzing security vulnerabilities against active Internet breaches so that InfoSec teams can prioritize remediations and report on their overall risk posture.

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How to Integrate Edgescan & Kenna Security:

Edgescan has a Kenna instance available here.

If you need an account, the administrators are Owen, Joe, Ed, Ian, Keith & David.

Edgescan connector Client ID = 2000285

What is a connector?

A Connector is the definition of how Kenna can connect to tools that already exist in customer environments.

General connector workflow.

  1. Create an API token on Edgescan.

  2. Log in to your Kenna Account.

  3. Navigate to the Connectors Page and click Add Connector.

4. Select the Edgescan icon (not there yet).

4. You will be redirected to the Edgescan connector page. Once there, enter the Username and Token created in Step 1.

5. Select the frequency that you want to run the Edgescan / Kenna Security Connector.

6. Click Save and Verify.