Vulnerability Intelligence Integration

edgescan provides a powerful API which can integrate easily into your ecosystem in order to correlate and reconcile with GRC, Bug Tracking, and DevSecOps systems.

Security Orchestration

One challenge of successful vulnerability management is to orchestrate discovered vulnerabilities such that they are mitigated, tracked, measured so we can see improvement and measure security posture.

edgescan provides a very powerful simple API which can integrate with virtually anything:


Out-of-the-box integration

Out-of-the-box edgescan integrates with Web Application Firewalls (WAF) such as Mod_Security, F5 and Citrix NetScaler. edgescan also integrates with more Governance Risk and Compliance platforms (GRC) and bug tracking systems such as Jira, Service Now, RSAM, etc.


Alerting and situational awareness

edgescan provides highly customized “event” capabilities and  provides alerting via WebHooks, Slack, email and SMS. The ability to be alerted when required is of paramount importance.