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Ensuring Your Investment is Secure



    • Current merger and acquisition (M&A) activities may have a significant digital component as part of the investment.
    • Growth of the digital economy is still in full swing with no signs of slowing down.
    • Many high-growth businesses contain a significant digital property/platform which is key to business engagement.
    • Technical due diligence of such properties is key to any successful merger & acquisition or investment to help ensure the acquired company is on a technically strong footing.
    • Cybersecurity is of paramount importance when considering the digital economy.
    • Cybersecurity is a significant aspect to any merger, investment or acquisition of a digital business.


Edgescan detected some serious weaknesses in the system we were about to acquire. The findings saved us a six-figure sum, highlighted compliance concerns and provided us with a deep understanding of the system’s quality. This information was invaluable to our technical due diligence efforts. – UK Private Equity Partnership, 2020