Edgescan - Continuous Vulnerability Management

Edgescan is an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Continuous Fullstack Vulnerability Management, Intelligence and Visibility in one place.


Edgescan is an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) which gives you peace of mind when it comes to detecting security weaknesses which may result in a breach, reputation damage or loss of revenue.


Why Edgescan and our award-winning MSSP?


    • Continuous fullstack vulnerability management keeps pace with constant changes to your environment.
    • As new cybersecurity issues are made public Edgescan helps detect if you are vulnerable.
    • As new code is deployed, or application features are delivered to your clients, Edgescan will help ensure you have not introduced any additional risk.
    • Continuous vulnerability management resulting in continuous vulnerability intelligence.
    • Your applications and supporting hosts (fullstack) are scanned and assessed for vulnerabilities and security weaknesses on a continuous, scheduled or on-demand basis.


Our continuous approach to vulnerability management means continuous and on-demand monitoring for security weaknesses.
Our vulnerability detection and intelligence technology with expert validation and support results in unparalleled visibility and a strong cybersecurity posture.


Edgescan is considered one of the Top MSSP firms globally when it comes to managed cyber security. Edgescan is one of the highest scoring (Application Security Testing) AST vendors in Gartner Peer insights.


Edgescan is also a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) which helps you maintain PCI compliance and a strong security posture on a continuous basis.


How Edgescan works


How edgescan works