Why Edgescan?

Edgescan is a cyber security solutions provider, specializing in vulnerability detection and intelligence technology. We provide a range of solutions for every industry.

The Problem

Your Attack Surface Faces an Ever-Changing Threat

Your attack surface is in a constant state of flux – morphing with user demand, growing and changing in response to usage. Typical attack surface management uses a disparate mix of vendors to monitor each element of your stack, delivering conflicting guidance and false positives, leading your team to slow responses to latent threats. This confusion is a constant problem for your dev ops team.

Worst of all, hackers don’t care about your confusion. Your problems are their opportunities.

The Edgescan Solution

Full Stack Coverage: Smart Vulnerability Management

The Edgescan platform provides a multi-faceted approach to providing coverage to the full development stack, scaling up or down with the demands of your attack surface.

Real Time Continuous
Attack Surface Management

Your attack surface is continually monitored to discover vulnerabilities such as rogue APIs or legacy/shadow assets.

PTaaS combines human expertise on top of Edgescan technology and commonly used consultant tools, such as automated static and automated dynamic analysis, when assessing high assurance applications

Automated scans are set up for all known CVEs and OWASP vulnerabilities and run against all entities in your attack surface


Integrated Business
Guidance with Zero
False Positives

Risks from all sources are assessed and aligned with your business and operational priorities, delivering a single source of truth. Human guidance removes false positives from risk assessments before they are sent to you.

Alerts are integrated into common development tools for low-friction integrated intelligence, speeding your ability to respond.

Return on Investment

Our customers start seeing ROI from reduced response time, less downtime, higher application availability and increased customer satisfaction.

Use our interactive calculator to get a custom breakdown of where Edgescan can bring business value to your organization over a 3-year period.

Case Studies

See how Edgescan has provided smart vulnerability management across multiple industries for companies large and small.

Gartner Reviews


“Apart from a strong technical platform, the key advantage Edgescan seems to have over competitors is an ability to relate knowledge of the subject matter to real world actions”

Head of Application Security (Medical Organisation), Dublin, Ireland

“Excellent service, quick response, efficient and unobtrusive. Highly recommended!”

CISO Media Organisation, USA

“Very useful and helpful – helped us find a lot of issues quickly and very cost-effective for the benefit delivered for us”

CISO Financial Services, UK

“Very successful service for us and has provided a focus to our teams to ensure we are constantly improving our security posture. Most importantly, being regular, it’s no longer just a once a year focus”

Gaming Client, EU