Five Reasons You Need To Consolidate Your Security Toolset Now

You know you have too many security tools and you are on the edge to make a dedicated effort to consolidate now. Here are Five Big Reasons to push you over the edge:

Reason 1

Cost Savings


There are many ways you can reduce cost significantly, including

  1. Tiered volume discounts and favorable terms with a single supplier
  2. Lower vendor management costs with fewer suppliers and contracts
  3. Lower support costs managing software updates across multiple tools
  4. Fewer internal legal and procurement administrative costs managing licenses and renewals.
Reason 2

Operational Overhead

With multiple tools to track, it takes considerable time and effort to compile alerts across all layers of the IT stack. A smart, integrated, full-stack solution offers a single consolidated view of business-ranked alerts across the entire attack surface. Spend less time compiling and more time resolving issues.

Reason 3

Remediation Efficiency


Compiling alerts and debating their priority takes time – it is an extra step in the workflow. With full-stack alerts integrated into your daily operational support system, tickets get resolved more quickly.

Reason 4

Security Staff Morale

It is already difficult to recruit quality IT security personnel. Wasting time in meetings chasing issues across multiple tools has a real danger of lowering staff morale and increasing your attrition rate. Your best people want to feel like they are valued for their core job – closing tickets, rather than chasing them down.

Reason 5

Increased Resilience


Perhaps the best reason to consolidate your security vendors is improved security resilience.

“Having fewer security solutions can make it easier to properly configure them and respond to alerts, improving your security risk posture.”

– Gartner 2020 CISO Effectiveness Survey

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