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Five Reasons You Need to Consolidate Your Security Toolset Now

You know you have too many security tools and you are on the edge of making a dedicated effort to consolidate now – Here’s Five Big Reasons to push you over the edge:

Reason 1 – Cost

The easy argument – there are so many ways you can reduce cost significantly, including – 1) tiered volume discounts and favourable terms with a single supplier 2) lower vendor management costs with fewer suppliers and contracts 3) less operational overhead and maintenance cost managing fewer tools 4) fewer support costs managing software updates across multiple tools and 5) less internal legal and procurement administrative costs managing multiple licenses and renewals. Yes, cost reduction is straightforward but it is not the most important reason.


Reason 2 – Operational Overhead

The typical Vulnerability Management team has to spend considerable time and effort compiling alerts across all layers of the IT stack. A Smart Integrated Full Stack solution offers a consolidated and business-ranked alerting capability across the entire attack surface built into the platform. Your team spends less time compiling/validating and more time resolving issues.


Reason 3 – Remediation Efficiency

Compiling alerts across the stack with single-point solutions not only robs you of precious operational bandwidth – it takes time – it is an extra step in the workflow. With alerts based on full-stack assessments integrated into IT’s daily operational support system, tickets get resolved quicker. It’s not about how many vulnerabilities you discover – it’s about how many you close, right?


Reason 4 – Security Staff Morale

You already most likely have a recruiting challenge staffing your security team today. Why would you increase the attrition rate and lower staff morale by layering-in tool proliferation management onto the real security job – stopping attacks.


Reason 5 – Increased Resilience

Well, you might have started vendor tool consolidation for traditional cost-cutting reasons but the real kicker and the crown jewel for security vendor consolidation is improved security posture.  “Having fewer security solutions can make it easier to properly configure them and respond to alerts, improving your security risk posture.” (Gartner 2020 CISO Effectiveness Survey)