Web Application Security Testing

Protect your business with web application security solutions from edgescan



Continuous Assessment keeping pace with development and constant change…


Today enterprise organisations deploy a wide range of systems, servers, cloud and web applications, accessible from any location. Visibility of such systems in terms of security posture is of vital importance.  The lack of management and not understanding what to manage (no visibility) from a vulnerability standpoint results in assets which are an easy target for hackers and may result in a data breach.

Visibility is key to maintaining a secure posture. edgescan provides that visibility in many ways from Metrics to Asset Profiling to Continuous Vulnerability Detection and Intelligence.


  • As new features/code or systems are deployed edgescan will help ensure you have no cyber security vulnerabilities.
  • As new vulnerabilities are discovered in the industry, edgescan will inform you if you are vulnerable.
  • As new systems are deployed edgescan can automatically inform you of the any new services discovered also scan the system for web and infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • The edgescan delivery model also ensures all vulnerabilities discovered are validated by experts and expert support is also included to help you maintain a secure posture.


Fullstack Coverage, Visibility and Support…


edgescan provides complete Full Stack Vulnerability management (web application & hosting infrastructure) security at a scale and accuracy unmatched in the industry. No matter how many systems or web applications or how often they change, we can assess an unlimited number of sites without accuracy suffering.

Our operations staff are also professional consultants who validate and manage the vulnerability detection service, but also deliver professional services engagement to our clients.


“We’re your virtual vulnerability management team”