Network Security Solutions

Protect the usability and integrity of your network and data with network security solutions from edgescan

Network & Cloud infrastructure

edgescan delivers full stack vulnerability management, from “top to tail”, this means deep security assessment of both web applications, supporting app servers, components and associated hosting environments.

With a growing capability to test for over 90,000 CVE’s edgescan covers off supporting systems in both cloud and data center environments. All issues discovered are validated by security experts.



Protocol, Port, DNS, Status – We’ve got you covered. All edgescan licenses include Continuous Asset Profiling which helps you discover and manage thousands of systems exposed services and ports on a continuous bases. Coupled with the edgescan events alerting functionality provides unparalleled visibility.



We detect, asset profile and validate all vulnerabilities on the network layer. edgescan detects over 90,000 CVE’s (and counting), Open ports, misconfigurations, protocol weaknesses, firewall and ACL issues, Cryptography issues, patching weaknesses and all the non-web application security concerns associated with an entire system.


Internet Facing of Internal systems

Both internal and public facing network assets can be assessed using edgescan and if required a (virtual or hardware) on premise appliance can be deployed to assist with internal assessments