DevOps Security

focus on tackling DevOps automation security issues, such as configuration management & composition analysis with edgescan fullstack vulnerability management solutions

Integrate into the DevOps Pipeline

Our technology and solutions empower your DevOps, Admin, CISO’s and development teams to become the critical first line of defense, reducing the need to spend time verifying vulnerabilities, gathering improvement metrics and track vulnerability life-cycles.


Our enterprise SaaS includes access to a multitude of solutions that deliver easy cyber security integration into your DevOps process.

We cover both public facing and non-public facing networks, API’s and web applications. For Non-public facing (internal) applications, not exposed to the internet, we can assess via our internal fully-managed virtual (or physical) appliance.

Integration to DevOps include a powerful, intuitive and simple API that hooks our SaaS into your development pipeline. Integrations with ticketing systems like JIRA and communications channels like Slack, Email, SMS and infinite options via our Webhooks, operations, administration and development staff are made aware, alerted and empowered to fix vulnerabilities as they are discovered and validated.


Coverage and Messaging…

Full stack security intelligence should be in plain language and universally understandable. edgescan helps combine multiple views of the same problem (from Security to Development and Operations) to create a true DevSecOps team.


Fast Cyber Assessment on-demand


On demand assessment, vulnerability validation, vulnerability tracking all at the click of a button.

Simple API Integration


Integrate with your alerting and ticketing systems easily. Keep track of what matters. Keep informed of your security posture.

Metrics, Trends, Risks all made simple.


Run reports on demand, Download spreadsheets, evaluate MTTR and patching speed metrics, Measure improvement, crush compliance.


Ongoing support and assistance With support delivered by security experts, to our layers of reporting detail edgescan can help different teams with different views of the same problem understand the same issue in their own way.