DevSecOps Services

focus on tackling DevOps automation security issues, such as configuration management & composition analysis with edgescan fullstack vulnerability management solutions

Integrate into the DevSecOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is a collaborative view of security across everyone! The purpose and intent of DevSecOps is to build on the ethos that “everyone is responsible for security” with the goal of making decisions related to security at speed and scale without sacrificing the safety, accuracy and security required. – sounds like the edgescan mantra.

edgescan via its risk API can integrate into a DevSecOps pipeline easily. Providing automatic scan invocation and consumption of the resulting data via the API, makes edgescan well suited to a CI/CD environment.



Coverage and Messaging…

Full stack security intelligence should be in plain language and universally understandable. edgescan helps combine multiple views of the same problem (from Security to Development and Operations) to create a true DevSecOps team.


Ongoing support and assistance

With our support delivered by security experts, to our layers of reporting detail edgescan can help different teams with different views of the same problem understand the same issue in their own way.