Financial Services

protecting your critical customer assets

In many cases, security goes beyond compliance. Every week we see breaches occurring in organisations that are compliant in highly regulated industries. Financial Services is one of those industries. Monetary gain is still the main driver for the majority of data breaches globally.


Evidential audit overheads within the financial sector such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) -Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) – Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) – EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); mean that security intelligence must be accurate, up to date, and instantly


edgescan™ full stack vulnerability management offers financial companies the assurance and confidence to automate highly accurate vulnerability data flows into key systems within the organisation across both the network and application stack.


Online Gaming & Sportsbook


enabling agility and protecting sensitive data

The organisations within the online gaming and sportsbook industries are pushing the boundaries of development all of the time. To keep pace with the devops models and sprinting ethos, vulnerability data needs to be actionable, accurate, valid and continuous.


edgescan™ works with some of the most successful and innovative companies in this area and keeps pace with the requirement for integrated security in an ever-changing, ‘always on‘ environment.


Leveraging our pioneering edgescan™ API and vulnerability expertise, our clients can rely on the accuracy and quality of the edgescan™ platform to improve MTTR (mean time to remediate) in their continuous business critical development cycles.


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical


enabling life saving innovation and protecting critical data

Healthcare is increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals as this information type is classified as the most critical by the healthcare, law enforcement & security industries, as well as buyers on the black market. The digital transformation of systems and applications within the healthcare industry is a challenge that organisations are struggling with day to day to promote much needed efficiency.


At the same time, this data must remain secure to the highest standard, both on the network and within the medical device environment.


edgescan™ helps healthcare organizations demonstrate HIPAA compliance by unifying their security and configuration monitoring into a single management console. In addition, medical providers can regain control of their environment through real-time alerts when new devices connect to the network.




protecting public administration and infrastructure

Public administration and Government agencies hold an ever-increasing amount of personal information belonging to the citizens of the world. The edgescan™ model lends itself to the protection of the complex systems that house our citizens data whether it resides in traditional silos or cloud based providers.


Our approach enables government to have a continuous view of their vulnerable estate, at the scale and depth required for compliance and protection of big data assets.


edgescan™ will give you an easy route beyond such compliances as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), NIST 800–53, Top 20 Critical Security Controls in relation to your security controls concerning vulnerability management.




Protecting your customer data

Sensitive data is core to the function of any busy retail organisation large or small. When a retailer becomes the target of a cyber attack it is costly on many levels; financial, resources, brand and image. Brick-and-mortar stores are seeing less and less cash pass through the point of sale in this age of digital transformation.


edgescan™ full stack vulnerability management is trusted by retail & ecommerce companies all over the world to manage the vulnerable estate across both networks and applications. As a certified PCI ASV, edgescan has the capability to go beyond PCI-DSS standards of compliance and offer continuous proactive vulnerability management, and risk based alerting to give you the information and visibility required to maintain compliance and secure your critical data assets.


Media & Entertainment


Protecting your brand and services

With some of the largest media and entertainment organisations in the world relying on edgescan to secure their web facing assets, data accuracy and ability to scale to allow large web footprints benefit from the power of the edgescan™ platform.


With full stack web application & cloud/host cyber security services that combine best of breed technology and human intelligence, edgescan™ enables global media companies manage their brand critical, web facing assets and implement the necessary levels of security controls on this global estate.