Visibility is the cornerstone of a robust security posture. You can’t secure what you don’t know about.

With today’s cloud enabled and rapid development environments, Edgescan keeps you informed of changes and exposures.

Edgescan delivers External Attack Surface Management (EASM) which provides you the ability to see all services exposed to the public internet across your global estate.

As new systems are deployed, decommissioned or a system changes, Edgescan can inform you of the event.

Edgescan’s ASM solution combined with its award winning Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) delivers both visibility, clarity and prioritization.

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You can't secure what you can't see...

Attack Surface Management (ASM) provides you the ability to see all services exposed to the public internet across your global estate.

As new systems are deployed, decommissioned or a system changes, ASM can inform you of the event. This is delivered in real-time and on a continuous basis.

ASM can assist with:

  1. Shadow, Lost, Forgotten and legacy assets
  2. Human Error resulting in exposed services
  3. Vulnerable and outdated software
  4. Rogue deployments
  5. Rogue API's, unknown AP's
  6. IoT detection
  7. Application / DNS discovery
  8. Continuous changes to Cloud deployments as they occur

The challenge is to keep pace with change, as change may introduce risk.

The Benefits

of Attack Surface Management

Automatically detect

and assess newly discovered assets for exposures and vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Detect deployments

across the cloud/landscape as they occur.

Real time

detect misconfigurations of systems.

Get complete visibility

of your attack surface in real time.

Natively integrated

with cloud to make sure nothing is missed.

Integrated with Edgescan

vulnerability management and PTaaS solutions to provide a complete view in one place.

Unique API discovery

to highlight API’s deployed across your landscape in real-time.

Simple feature

Using the simple customizable events feature, be notified in multiple ways about what matters.


through Webhooks/API, Ticketing systems, Instant Messaging, GRC, Bug Tracking, Asset Management and SIEM systems.

Features of Edgescan ASM

5 reasons why
choose Edgescan

Prioritizes Risks

Understand vulnerability criticality based on what's important to your business.

Our platform discovers, validates and prioritizes your organization's most critical risks, making it easy for your security and IT teams to know where to focus first.

Edgescan maps all validated vulnerabilities to the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV). As exposures are discovered you can prioritize based on if they are being used by cyber criminals in the wild.

Our unique validation and prioritization approach helps you focus on which vulnerabilities to focus on to make the most positive impacts to your business' security posture.

As vulnerabilities are discovered which are known to be exploited, automatically alert your teams to act quickly. Once the fix is applied retest on demand, no problem.

Platform's automatic risk prioritization is based on:

  • Attackers' priorities
  • Business context
  • Likelihood
  • Remediation complexity
  • Ease of exploitation

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