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API Security Testing

Rapid analysis.
Immediate risk triage.

Data Shows that API Risk is Increasing… Not Going Away

Actual deployment data from Edgescan customers reveals a 320% rise in API vulnerability in 2022 – that is a shocking number. And to top it off, Gartner research indicates that API abuse will become the most frequent attack vector. Don’t let your company make a news headline. Time to get your security under control.

Know Your APIs, Scan Your APIs, Test Your APIs

Don’t confuse API security configuration assessment with traditional vulnerability scanning – it is different. Using multi-layer probing technology the Edgescan API discovery engine utilizes asynchronous port scanning to identify and then monitor network changes. It automatically discovers active API endpoints across your entire attack surface and profiles from given endpoints.

The Threat is Real – Here’s the Proof

High Risk API Vulnerabilities Discovered by Edgescan

API Discovery

How it Works

Download our one page Edgescan API Discovery document to understand how it works.

Edgescan API


A Comprehensive Strategy to
Securing your APIs.

Benefits for Edgescan Customers

API Discovery

Identify APIs present on each host in your external estate. Discovers APIs across your IP/CIDR ranges using our multi-layer API discovery technology. Finds rogue or unknown APIs across your estate and alerts you to new discoveries.

3-Phase Approach Ensures Accuracy

API Discovery provides understand of the API topology within an estate.
API Vulnerability Scanning detects security vulnerabilities with accuracy and keep pace with change.
API Penetration Testing provides a manual penetration test on an organization’s business critical APIs.

Monitor and Track Changes

Consumes OpenAPI/ Swagger /GraphQL files to map out the entire API which is designed to ensure the entire API gets a rigorous assessment. As your development team changes the API over time, Edgescan detects the change and maintains security coverage.

Test Headless Deployments

Easily test headless API deployments because not all API endpoints are accessible through a web UI or tested during a web app pen test.

Proactive and Continuous Protection Including a Full Suite of API Tests

Continuous monitoring and defense against botnet and advanced threats including DDoS. Tests run include: Common API routes, API descriptor files (Swagger/ WADL), SOAP protocol detection, JSON/SML response analysis, API endpoints metadata, API route in HTTP attributes, Cookie based API indicators, etc.

Complete Cloud Coverage

Discover hidden and shadow API’s on across any cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or any external network.

Fast and Easy Deployment

The Edgescan platform is SaaS-based so there is no software to deploy so your team can start using it quickly.

Our Solution

No Limits:

Scan on demand as much as you need. Scans can be invoked via API for DevOps environments and via the Edgescan portal.

Edgescan API Security Testing:

Combines technical and logical security testing, all of which is validated & supported by experts.

Coverage and Depth:

Edgescan technology uses bespoke scanning engines in order to provide optimal coverage of the API. API vulnerabilities can be different from typical web application issues.

Intelligent Assessment:

Edgescan API assessments also assess logical controls associated with the API; items such as authorization, request flooding, parameter manipulation and attribute injection are assessed to help ensure you have a strong security posture.

Never Compromise Threat Protection:

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