Edgescan Mobile Application Security

Edgescan Professional Services (Edgescan-PS) provide services related to mobile application security


Continuous Vulnerability Management


  • Using our Edgescan technology we can assess the supporting backend services of any mobile application to help ensure a strong security posture.


Device Digital Forensics


  • Our team are experienced in profiling mobile applications for cyber security issues relating specifically to mobile application device security.
  • Items such as Information leakage, Rooting weaknesses, Malware weaknesses and source code security weaknesses can be verified by our team of security experts using digital forensic techniques.


360° Technical Security Reviews


Using techniques such as Penetration Testing, SAST (Source code review), Digital Forensics, and DAST our professional services team can help ensure a mobile application is secure, robust and built using leading security practice. Our 360° testing covers supporting hosts, servers, cloud, API’s and also client-side code for any mobile application. Of course everything is manually validated for accuracy, risk rating and support to help you address any discovered issues is included.

Edgescan Professional Services : Edgescan-PS


Edgescan and Edgescan Professional Services (Edgescan-PS) work together to provide an award-winning MSSP, pen-testing and Mobile Application Testing solution and service. Click the link below or contact the Edgescan team direct at sales@edgescan.com. Our international contact numbers on our Contact Us page.