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Container Security Solutions - Edgescan

Continuous Fullstack Vulnerability Management, Intelligence and Visibility in one dedicated solution.


Edgescan is an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) which gives organisations peace of mind when it comes to detecting security weakness which may result in a breach, reputation damage or loss of revenue.


Value of Container Security


Combining static and dynamic testing of containers allows for a greater understanding of an organisation’s vulnerability landscape. This offers a panoramic view when paired with Edgescan vulnerability management from an application and hosting infrastructure perspective.


Verification and validation of discovered vulnerabilities in third-party components is delivered performed by world leaders in security testing.


“Container integrity validation via Edgescan delivers a truly fullstack view.”



Edgescan – Containers

Process of Testing Containers


Getting started


The container is uploaded to the Edgescan platform via the Edgescan portal or API.




Testing of the container image takes place. A combination of Security unit testing and composition analysis occur. Edgescan performs analysis of the software libraries, packages and dependencies of the container image including:

Vulnerability Scanning, Secrets and Passwords, Operating system package identification, Known Vulnerabilities (CVE’s), 3rd Party Libraries, Dockerfile Checks, Configuration files & File permissions.

Vulnerability Intelligence


Results are validated by expert security personnel, ensuring virtually zero false positives, wider coverage and higher accuracy findings.


Results are published in the Edgescan portal and available via the API which allows for integrations into process workflows and leads to a greater turnaround time for key performance indicators such as remediation performance, MTTR and CVSS landscape.


When testing is complete, containers which were analysed will be securely deleted from the Edgescan testing pipeline.


This results a full 360 degree comprehensive result set which includes your application, its hosting container and the underlying infrastructure in one single view. With many different report types possible it allows for greater focus on remediation as opposed to validation.


Edgescan’s continuous approach to vulnerability management ensures continuous and on-demand testing for security weaknesses. Our vulnerability detection and intelligence technology with expert validation and support results in unparalleled visibility and a strong cybersecurity posture.


Edgescan’s Container Security Solutions further enhance the comprehensive range of Fullstack Vulnerability Management services available to protect organisations.


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