Features & Services

At Edgescan we are constantly adding and improving our platform to continue to bring a high level of offering with rich features to continuously monitor your attack surface and keep track of a live vulnerability management platform.



Threat Intelligence & Risk-based Prioritization

The new threat Intelligence & risk-based prioritization or CISA Filtering feature enables a new view for Enterprises to cross-reference their vulnerabilities with the CISA exploit list.


Centralized Dashboard

Get all your information in one location with an interactive & exportable risk metrics dashboard:

  • Exposure Factor
  • Risk over time
  • Mean time to remediate
  • Asset Risk
  • Vulnerabilities by risk rating


Keep track of all assets and perform assessments on demand for a holistic assets management of your ogranization.



Receive actionable risk intelligence with the ability to rescan on demand to ensure that your hosts and assets are vulnerabilities are fixed. Vulnerabilities will tell you the following information at a glance.

  • ID
  • Name Location


Always know what’s going on with our 24/7/365 visibility of your external exposures that have been added to the platform, allowing you to know exactly what is going on at any given time.

Another key feature for the platform is the tracking of all hosts added to the Edgescan platform such as the following details:



Edgescan platform has an extensive reporting system that allows you to generate a report on any page that you are on, we do two types of reporting;

  • Standard Reporting
  • PCI Reporting

Once you go about exporting a report, you have a number of different options to choose from such as;


Events & Integrations

Edgescan has introduce a new vital service which is called Events, using integrations with events allows users and organizations to create live alerts for any changes and to connect the platform into many other services allowing you to extend the capabilities of your security team. To see more about our Integrations, check out our Technology Partners.


Rapid Support

At Edgescan, we have a full-time rapid support team to help assist and provide you a virtual pen testing team that is always at hand. We pride ourselves for our support and customer care in ensuring that not only you get the most out of Edgescan, that we are there to support your needs also when they arise.



Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Penetration as a Service (PTaaS) delivers expert-driven deep penetration testing to complement our validated full stack vulnerability management. Our penetration testing team are CREST, OSCP & CEH certified with extensive battle hardening from thousands of pen test engagements. Results are delivered via the edgescan platform to help you track, manage and ultumatley rapidly close discovered risks as they occur.


API Security Testing

API Security assessments can be difficult due to many tools simply not being built to test API security. Edgescan provides continuous security testing for the ever-growing world of APIs. APIs are becoming ever more popular given the explosive growth in mobile apps and the fintech sector. Edgescan is accustomed to providing rigorous testing to APIs in all their shapes and forms. This can include but is not limited to SOAP/XML.


Mobile App Security

Using techniques such as Penetration Testing, SAST (Source code review), Digital Forensics, and DAST our professional services team can help ensure a mobile application is secure, robust and built using leading security practice. Our 360° testing covers supporting hosts, servers, cloud, API’s and also client-side code for any mobile application. Of course everything is manually.


Merger & Acquisition Security Assessment

Ensure your investment is secure with our digital assurance where we can perform due diligence on companies to ensure that any weakness, concerns or mismanagement that were caused by technology systems can be picked up.

  • Current merger and acquisition (M&A) activities may have a significant digital component as part of the investment.

Attack Surface Management

Changes to firewalls, exposed services and rogue deployments are all avenues of attack for any Enterprise. With Edgescan External IP Monitoring, you are informed in real-time of change that may increase your attack surface and introduce additional risk. In addition to External IP Monitoring, Edgescan uniquely offers API Discovery Service, which identifies and detects the.



With the Edgescan full stack assessment approach we can help ensure your PCI DSS compliance requirements are met and that you pass your quarterly scan. Our expert penetration team is available for support and assistance to advise you what is required to pass your quarterly assessments.