Smart Vulnerability Management Platform

The Edgescan Smart Vulnerability Management Platform offers full-stack coverage and Attack Surface Management (ASM). This results in validated intelligence to ensure that false positives are a thing of the past.

Key Features


Centralized Dashboard

Edgescan provides a centralized dashboard with interactive and exportable risk metrics to ensure that you have oversight of all risk posture, assets, and hosts.



Keep track of all assets and perform assessments on demand for a holistic management of your organization's assets.



Have visible and actionable risk intelligence which allows retesting on-demand and risk acceptance at a click of a button.


Full Stack Visibility

With an ever growing organization, 24/7/365 visibility of your external exposures is vital to managing your attack surface.


Intelligence Events

Create live alerts and native integrations to expand the functionality of the Edgescan platform and to connect it to your internal processes.


Dynamic Reporting

Create exportable reports on-demand or via the API and customize them for technical or executive audiences.



Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

PTaaS delivers expert-driven deep penetration testing to complement our validated full stack vulnerability management. Our penetration testing team are CREST, OSCP & CEH certified with extensive battle hardening from thousands of pen test engagements.


API Security Testing

With our Edgescan platform, we can provide continuous security testing for your API, including SOAP/XML, REST, and other web services.


Attack Surface Management

Using our Edgescan platform and the External IP Monitoring, you are informed in real-time of changes which may increase your attack surface and introduce additional risk.


Mobile App Security

Using penetration testing, source code review (SAST), digital forensics, and dynamic application security testing (DAST), our professional service team can help ensure that your mobile application is secure, robust, and built using leading security practices.


Merger & Acquisition Security Assessment

Ensure the security of your investment with our digital assurance. We perform due diligence on companies to ensure that any weakness, concerns, or mismanagement that were caused by technology systems are identified and remedied.

Technology Partners

Edgescan has a number of technology partners that allows anyone using our Edgescan platform to hook or connect into existing tools or platforms. We have a dedicated team at Edgescan constantly working to expand the capabilities of what you can connect to Edgescan. Some integrations available: