API Assessment and Oversight with Edgescan

API Assessment and Oversight with Edgescan

June 28, 2021 / general / Comments (0)

Edgescan – API Oversight Manager

API Security is becoming more and more a challenge due to a booming “API economy”. Edgescan has deployed new capabilities to our customers to assist with visibility and governance for their API security testing programs.
API Descriptors allow customers to provide Edgescan with an API specification by uploading an OpenAPI (previously Swagger) file or providing a URL where one can be accessed.
This capability provides customers with an intuitive, visual overview of an API – with a detailed breakdown of the endpoints and their respective parameters, as well as any data models (schemas) specific to their APIs.
As your API changes Edgescan adapts; Edgescan allows your testing to keep pace with your rapid build environments by automatically detecting the latest version of an API Descriptor file when a URL is provided. With a detailed history of an APIs changes over time via a rich audit trail, this provides the added assurance the correct version is being tested.


Figure 1: Upload API Descriptor directly, or provide a url whereby edgescan can check for changes and automatically keep your API Descriptor up-to-date.

Figure 2: View detailed breakdown of your API endpoints.

Figure 3: Detailed breakdown of parameters particular request.

Figure 4: View/download any previous API Descriptor files.

Figure 5: View a breakdown of various domain objects associated with your API.