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Video Tour of the Edgescan UI

Spend 10 minutes in our platform see to the power of five… Five fully integrated solutions that work together to bring you verified vulnerabilities, scale of automation and depth of human intelligence – all wrapped up into one unified platform.

vulnerability management, pen testing

Guided Walkthrough 
External Attack Surface Management

See how our external discovery engine runs continuously, and in conjunction with our vulnerability scanning, to help organizations see their digital footprint and exposures.

Guided Walkthrough
Penetration Testing

In this guided walkthrough at every click a new screen is presented showing what is occurring within the platform during the testing process and ends by showing a pen test report.

The unique intelligence behind the PTaaS solution is our team of security experts. Our security professionals are CREST, OSCP, and CEH certified they provide the wisdom and insight which uniquely supplements our automated platform.

Guided Walkthrough 
Vulnerability Management

In this self-guided tour you’ll see what is occurring in the platform as you experience the remediation process. See how  provide coverage that includes application security testing and API security testing. Assessments are delivered continuously or on-demand, delivering verified, prioritized and actionable vulnerability intelligence.

No more time spent chasing false positives.

The Edgescan Platform

Get a high-level overview of the features of the platform and the five solutions.

Edgescan Cloudhook

Learn about Edgescan’s native cloud integration: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Hybrid solution that combines the automation with human assessment.

Attack Surface Management

Identity security blind spots and map all assets discovered.


Host Server

Essentials License

CIS Controls Mapping

The Edgescan API Journey

Learn about the three phases of API security and get details to outline a comprehensive strategy to securing your APIs.

API Security Testing

Rapid Analysis + Immediate Risk Triage

Edgescan Mobile License

Vulnerability Assessment + Pentesting + Device Forensics

External Attack Surface Management

Complete Visibility + Continuous Monitoring

Never Compromise Threat Protection:

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