Necessary Protection for your Attack Surface

Your attack surface changes and evolves every day, and with that change comes risk. You need Edgescan’s enterprise-class Smart Full-Stack Vulnerability Management Platform.
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Visual representations of Edgescan’s Smart Vulnerability Management platform
Edgescan’s Smart Vulnerability Management platform provides scalable full-stack coverage

Scalable Full-Stack Coverage

  • One single platform
  • Web Applications
  • APIs
  • Network and data layer
  • Continuous Attack Surface Management
  • Automated & strategic Pen-testing as a Service (PTaaS)
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Zero False Positives

  • Full-stack Coverage
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Business-level Prioritization
We deliver a single source of truth regarding your total vulnerability with zero false positives.
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Why Edgescan?

Full Stack Single Platform
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A Single Smart Vulnerability Management Solution for the entire stack

Includes Network and Application Layers

IOT and API detection

Hybrid Automation with Human Expertise
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Scalable automated and continuous Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Vulnerability detection integrated with a world-class cyber security team

100% false-positive-free alerts and expert remediation guidance

Automated Alerts Ops Integration
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Contextualized and prioritized alerts

Operational daily workflow integration for timely remediation

About Edgescan

The Smart Vulnerability Management Innovator

The world’s most comprehensive Smart Vulnerability Management Platform – a single solution designed to solve the Enterprise’s multi-layered and evolving attack surface problem.

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Smart Vulnerability Management Innovator

Protected by Edgescan

Smart Vulnerability Management Testimonial

CISO Financial Services, UK

“Very useful and helpful – helped us find a lot of issues quickly and very cost-effective for the benefit delivered for us”

Head of Cyber Security, Gaming Client, Global

“Very successful service for us and has provided a focus to our teams to ensure we are constantly improving our security posture. Most importantly, being regular, it’s no longer just a once a year focus”

Smart Vulnerability Management Testimonial 2
Smart Vulnerability Management Testimonial 3

IT Architect, Global Legal Firm

“Great customer-focused service, and the clear explanation of the results from pen tests has certainly made our life easier”

Head of Application Security (Medical & Pharmaceutical Firm), Global Firm

“Apart from a strong technical platform, the key advantage Edgescan seems to have over competitors is an ability to relate knowledge of the subject matter to real-world actions”

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Events and Webinars

Find out which security trends will become dominant in 2022 along with old and new threats.

24-27 APR 2023

Edgescan will be attending RSAC 2023 which is themed 'Stronger Together'.

An introduction to DevOps and DevSecOps with a CD/CI focus.

Defensive instruction in relation to the OWASP Top Ten to aid developers in authoring secure software.


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