Threat Intelligence & Risk-based Prioritization

Prioritise cyber risks based on real-world threat intel.

Edgescan combines world-class smart vulnerability detection with the power of threat intelligence.

Capability Summary

The new threat Intelligence & risk-based prioritization or CISA Filtering feature enables a new view for Enterprises to cross-reference their vulnerabilities with the CISA exploit list.


Why it Matters

While CISA’s directive is binding only on U.S. federal agencies, companies can also leverage this catalog to prioritize known vulnerabilities that may put their organization at risk. With this new feature and the ability to filter only those vulnerabilities on the active CISA list, Enterprises can enjoy:


  • Actionable Intelligence – Enterprises can leverage a defined “hitlist” on those vulnerabilities that CISA have confirmed are being actively exploited in the wild.
  • Strategic Focus – Enterprises can focus their precious bandwidth on resolving vulnerabilities that really matter.
  • Lower Remediation Time – With immediate insight on what vulnerabilities cross-reference with the CISA list, they can lower remediation time on these exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Corporate Goal Alignment – By proactively and continuously resolving these vulnerabilities, Enterprises can effectively implement planned and expected digital defense initiatives.
  • Resilience – With ongoing and timely responses focused on these actively exploited vulnerabilities, Enterprises strengthen their security posture.


Feature Details


  • Frequency – Updated hourly
  • Availability – Available by default for all Edgescan customers starting March 31, 2022



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