Edgescan Platform | Penetration Testing, VM, API security, EASM, DAST

One platform.
Five full-featured solutions.

  • Prevents tool sprawl and associated costs by integrating with existing tools and workflows.
  • Provides unique intelligence only offered by a hybrid solution (automation/analytics + human intellect).
  • Exposes weaknesses and risk across your entire attack surface and ecosystem.
  • Eliminates the noise of false positives to allow developers to focus on what matters.
  • Reduces costs and overhead for pen testing and vulnerability management by 60%.
  • Improves cybersecurity posture and resilience by reducing red team success speed by 400%.
  • Speeds-up remediation by at least 50% with validated and prioritized vulnerability intelligence.

95% Customer Retention

95% Customer Retention

Edgescan helps protect global organizations, of all sizes and industries, from cyber attacks also partners with leading technology organizations to provide full-stack integrations and superior support. Check out some of customer reviews we received on Gartner Peer Insights.

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One platform. Complete visibility. Fixed costs.

Edgescan is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity platform that unifies five robust solutions into a single combative platform. These solutions include: pen testing as a service (PTaaS), vulnerability management, dynamic application security testing (DAST), external attack surface management (EASM), and API security testing.

Never Compromise Threat Protection

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Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management
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Never Compromise Threat Protection:

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