Monthly Archives: June 2021

API Assessment and Oversight with Edgescan

June 28, 2021 / by

Edgescan – API Oversight Manager API Security is becoming more and more a challenge due to a booming “API economy”. Edgescan has deployed new capabilities to our customers to assist with visibility and governance for their API security testing programs.   API Descriptors allow customers to provide Edgescan with an API specification by uploading an […]

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Thoughts on what to do to be more resilient to ransomware

June 21, 2021 / by

Just some thoughts on what to do to be more resilient to ransomware. There is no silver bullet but the below may reduce the risk and impact if you’re unfortunate enough to be faced with a breach. God bless, take care 😉   Awareness & Resilience (and budget) Folks who write the cheques need to […]

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